Arrangements for Assessment

The University of Chester operates a two-tier system of Assessment Boards.

The first tier consists of a Module Assessment Board; the second tier consists of an Awards Assessment Board.

A Module Assessment Board agrees the results of students' individual modules of study.

An Awards Assessment Board considers students' overall module profiles; based on these, it makes recommendations on:

  • awards
  • progression from one level of study to the next
  • opportunities for reassessment
  • opportunities for third assessment attempts

It also confirms the names of students who are proceeding on their programme of study, or who have deferred module assessment(s).

Most Awards Assessment Boards operate at a University-wide or Faculty-wide level and consider outcomes for students on a number of different programmes.

AQSS is responsible for convening meetings of Awards Assessment Boards and for providing agendas and minutes for these meetings.

Module Assessment Boards are organised at departmental or Faculty level.


If you are a current student of the University and have any queries relating to your assessment or results, please contact Registry Services at or 01244 513582.