Periodic Review

The University undertakes reviews on the Quality and Standards of its provision on a regular basis.

Programmes are subject to periodic review - revalidation on a six-yearly cycle, and the way Faculties discharge their duties in the management of the Quality and Standards of their provision is reviewed at Faculty Academic Audit (FAA), which takes place every five years.

The periodic review - revalidation is undertaken by a panel comprising impartial internal members of staff, two external reviewers and a student member (a recent graduate).

Academic support departments are subject to Quinquennial Review (QQR). The review panel comprises both academic and support staff, two external specialists in the field of the service under review, and a student member.

Internal Audits are undertaken as and when required on a thematic basis usually, but not always, on issues which cut across the University.

Internal and Partner Concerns Reviews can be instigated at any time.  They may be used to investigate serious concerns regarding any aspect of the management of quality and standards within the University or a partner organisation. These concerns may be directed towards the institution, a Faculty, Department, programme, or a partner organisation. Such concerns may include:

  • risk to academic quality and standards
  • risk to institutional reputation

All reviews and reports (with the exception of revalidation reports, which are considered by Boards of Studies) are considered by Academic Quality and Enhancement Committee.