Contact Us - Catering Department

Director of Hospitality & Residential Services/Domestic Bursar

Ian White                                                Ext 3075


Catering Operations Managers:        

Paula Martindale (Chester)   Ext 1494
Sue Jones (Chester)  Ext 3074
Tina Girard (Warrington)   Ext 4218


Head Chef:

Lesley Barnes                          Ext 1092

Head Chef:

Darren Boddy                            Ext 1425

2nd Head Chef

Jackie Rowlands                             Ext 1425


Catering Supervisors:

Supervisor  (Deli Café Bar] Ext 3025
Supervisor  (Binks Brasserie)   Ext 3242
Supervisor (Kingsway) Ext 5701
Supervisor  (Riverside) Ext 2101
Supervisors   (White's Dining Rooms)  Ext 1425
Chef Manager (Thornton) Ext 5890
Supervisor (Queen's Park Campus) Ext. 2894/2895


PA to the Director:

Anita Williams                                    Ext 3011



Val Rowlands  Ext 3010


Financial Administration/Billing:        

Margaret Jones  Ext 1715