The Faculty of Business and Management is proud of our reputation for high quality postgraduate teaching, technology enhanced learning and innovative research. Our Faculty provides the opportunity to engage in both PhD and professional doctorates.

We also have several established research centres offering expertise in both applied and theoretical research. The Faculty believes that research plays a central role with our relationship with the business community. It is also an essential component that supports and underpins our teaching.

We hold numerous research events throughout the year that are open to staff, students and the public. Many of our events include contributions from researchers of national and international repute.

We have a wide range of academic and practitioner staff with expertise in the following areas:
•Applied Strategy,
•Business and Management
•International Finance
•Public Affairs and Policy
•International Relations
•Marketing Management and Strategy
•Human Resource Management
•Performance Management
•Sustainable Business

We are enthusiastically committed to achieving our faculty aims which include stimulating new ideas, encouraging critical thinking, finding possible solutions and sharing these ideas with communities.