Professor Peter Stokes

Professor – Faculty of Business and Management

Professor Peter Stokes is a professor in the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Chester, United Kingdom.


  • PGCertTLHE
  • PGCert Organizational Coaching
  • BA(Hons)


Roles and Responsibilities

Professor Peter Stokes (PhD MBA PGCertRDS PGCertTLHE PGCert Organizational Coaching BA(Hons) FHEA FEMRBI) is a Professor in the University of Chester Business School, where he has successfully completed faculty-wide Deputy Dean (2012-2015), Acting Executive Dean (2012-2014) and Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer (2014-2015) assignments.

He is director for a number of doctoral theses and also teaches research methods at masters’ level and publishes, and reviews extensively, in world-class journals in the areas of, among others: Management Learning and Development, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Research Methodology. He is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Organizational Analysis and holds senior positions in a range of international academic associations. He speaks French and Spanish fluently and has applied his work extensively through national and international knowledge transfer and consultancy projects across a range of business sectors.


Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy, Research Methodology, Team-working and Organisational Behaviour.

He has also been a visiting lecturer and academic advisor at universities and institutes in France, Holland, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Senegal (West Africa), Vietnam, Morocco, Hong Kong, China, India and Dubai.

Published work

Cooper, C., Stokes, P., Liu, Y, and Tarba, S. (forthcoming 2016) of Micro-Foundations of Organizational Behavior and Sustainability:  Issues, Drivers and Trajectories? Journal of Organizational Behavior (JOB-USA) [CABS level 4 ranked USA]

Stokes, P., Baker, C., and Lichy, J. (2016) The Role of Embedded Individual Values, Belief and Attitudes and Spiritual Capital in Shaping Everyday Postsecular Organizational Culture, European Management Review, 13, 37-51. [CABS level 3 journal]

Baker, C., Lichy, J., and Stokes, P. (2015) Values, Belief and Attitudes: The Implications for Organizational Culture, EFMD Global Focus (publication of the European Foundation for Management Development EFMD) 9(2): 37-39.

Stokes, P. Moore, N, Mathews, M, Moss, D, and Smith, S., Liu, Y (2015) The Micro-Dynamics of Intra-Organizational and Individual Action and their Role in Organizational Ambidexterity, Human Resource Management (USA), 54(1): 63-86. [CABS level 4]

Stokes, P, Liu, Y., Smith, S., Leidner, S., Moore, N. and Rowland, C. (2015) Managing talent across advanced and emerging economies: HR issues and challenges in a Sino-German strategic collaboration, International Journal of Human Resource Management.[CABS level 3]

Rao-Nicholson, R., Khan, Z., Stokes, P. (2015) Making great minds think alike: Emerging market multinational firms’ leadership effects on targets’ employee psychological safety after cross-border mergers and acquisitions, International Business Review, 25:103-113. [CABS level 3]

Smith, S. and Stokes, P. (2015), Signs and Wonders: Exploring the Effects and Impact of the Investors in People Logo and Symbols, European Journal of Training and Development, 39(4): 298-314 [CABS level 1 journal]

Smith, S and Stokes, P (2014) Exploring the impact of Investors in People: A Focus on Training and Development, Job Satisfaction, and Awareness of the Standard, Employee Relations, 36(3): 266-279. [CABS level 2]

Mathews, M. and Stokes, P. (2013) The Creation of Trust – The Interplay of Rationality, Institutions and Exchange, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development 25(9-10): 845-866. [CABS 3 journal]

Stokes, P and Harris, P. (2012), Micro-Moments, Choice and Responsibility in Sustainable Organizational Change and Transformation – The Janus Dialectic, The Journal of Organizational Change Management, 25(4):595-611. [CABS level 2]

Stokes, P. and Gabriel Y. (2010) Engaging with Genocide – the Challenge for Organization and Management Studies, Organization, 17(4):461-480.[CABS level 3]

Stokes, P. and Martin, L. (2008) Reading Lists: A Study of Tutor and Student Perceptions, Expectations and Realities, Studies in Higher Education, 33(2): 113-125. [CABS level 4]       


Published Books

McCulloch, A. and Stokes P. (2008) The Silent Majority: Meeting the Needs of Part-Time Research Students, SRHE Issues in Postgraduate Education: Management, Teaching and Supervision, London, Society for Research in Higher Education.

Stokes, P. (2011) Critical Concepts in Management and Organization Studies Basingstoke, Palgrave-Macmillan.

Stokes, P. (2011) Key Concepts in Business and Management Research Methods, Basingstoke, Palgrave-Macmillan.

Stokes, P and Wall T. (2015) Business BriefingsResearch Methodology, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan.

Stokes, P., Moore, N., Smith, S., Rowland, C. and Scott, P (2016) Organizational Management. London. Kogan Page.