Bubbles: The Bath and Beyond

What do bubbles do and why are they important? Find out in this interactive lecture delivered by Helen Czerski.

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Wednesday, 17th December, 2014
18:00 - 21:00
Thornton Science Park
Bubbles in liquids are a fascinating and important part of our everyday world, but we still associate them mostly with having baths.
However did you know that snails blow bubbles, penguins use them to go faster and that there is a precise technical reason why bubbles are a champagne connoisseur’s best friend?
Helen Czerski; a Research Fellow in Oceanography at UCL (University College London) and TV presenter, will explore and explain how we study bubbles in the ocean, and the difference that they make to weather and climate.
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This event is free of charge, however booking will be required.
Audience participation will be required for this exciting lecture, as Helen talks about her research on bubbles being formed by breaking waves in the ocean, and uses demonstrations to illustrate bubbles; with respect to oceanography (as well as champagne bubbles).
This event is free of charge, however booking will be required.
  • 18.00 - Tea/coffee on arrival
  • 18.30 -  Chairman’s Opening Remarks; Professor Nick Avis
  • 18.45 - Helen Czerski: “Bubbles: the Bath and Beyond”
  • 19.45 - Chairman’s Closing Remarks
  • 20.00 - Wine and nibbles

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