Applying for Accommodation

Essential information for students who wish to apply for accommodation.

Accommodation Guides and Details of On-line Applications

Information regarding applying for accommodation will be sent to all applicants late June. The information that you receive will include the link to the application pages, link to the guide to accommodation and information on how to access the site including your student number and password. The guide to accommodation will give you further information about the properties and application process will be available to download of this site during June. Late applicants will be accepted, however those applications made on time will take preference. Please follow the link below to the accommodation application pages:

Deadline for receipt of accommodation application forms

Applications are not processed on a first come first served basis. However, applications are required to be made by Sunday 28th July 2013. If we receive your application after this date we will endeavour to process your application but applications received before the deadline will take priority.If we receive your application after this date we will endeavour to process your application form but forms received before the deadline will take priority.

Deadlines for accepting once you have received an accommodation offer

If the University offers you University accommodation, you will be informed of your offer via e-mail. You will then need to sign back into your application account. You will then find your offer and the terms and conditions associated with it. The offer of accommodation will include a date by which you are required to accept the offer, at this point you will also need to complete a direct debit form and pay a £250 upfront.

If you are unable to accept the offer by this date please contact the Accommodation Office immediately to discuss the problem. If the Accommodation Office has not received the accepted offer by the date stated, or has not been contacted by yourself, the room that has been reserved for you will be re-allocated to another student.

Insurance and Clearing

If you have University of  Chester as your insurance offer or if you apply to through Clearing, your application form should be returned immediately and you should note that due to the timing of your offer it is unlikely that accommodation will be offered immediately.

However help will be given in securing accommodation in the private sector if required.

If we do not receive an application form we will assume that you do not require accommodation and that you are either a local applicant or you intend to make your own accommodation arrangements.

Waiting List

Students who are not initially offered a place in University accommodation may apply to go on a waiting list. You must contact the Accommodation Office at the beginning of the academic year and register your details on the waiting list.

Please note: you will not be automatically included on the waiting list if we are unable to offer you accommodation. Waiting list application forms will be available from late September 2013 from the Accommodation Office.

Conditional Offers

Students who have been made a conditional offer will be contacted by early September regarding their application.

Unconditional Offers

Those who have been made an unconditional offer will normally be contacted regarding their application by mid August.