Making yourself employable

How to become a stronger candidate when it comes to applying for graduate jobs.

A degree is not enough


Your degree will be a big part of what you can offer to a future employer, partly because of the subject knowledge you have and partly because of the skills you develop through university study.

Some of these skills are cognitive or thinking skills:

  • researching
  • collecting and analysing information
  • solving problems

Some are about how you interact with people:

  • oral and written communication
  • working in groups and teams
  • negotiating and persuading

You can develop these skills as part of your degree, but there are also some great opportunities outside your study.

Stand out from the crowd


In order to stand out as a good applicant you need to take opportunities outside your course to develop your skills and experience. This will also tell an employer that you are taking steps to be more employable. For most graduate jobs and postgraduate courses it is essential that you get some relevant experience.

Activities like:

will all help you to become a stronger candidate when it comes to applying for graduate jobs. They will also make student life more varied and enjoyable and in some cases will help you to decide on your future career path.


Graduate Head Start (GHS) programme for graduates


The GHS programme is a free, three day programme which is delivered by Careers and Employability. This unique and innovative programme has been designed to support University of Chester graduates who are yet to find employment or who are not fulfilling their career ambitions. Click here for further details.