Taking time out

Increasingly graduates are "taking time out" when they finish their studies, but it is important that this experience is carefully planned.

There are some questions you might want to ask yourself before starting the planning process:


Why are you taking time out?


  • To explore the world?
  • To decide on a future career?
  • To gain relevant work experience abroad?
  • Or to earn some money to pay off student debt?


What gap year opportunities are available to you?


  • travel independently and work as you go
  • you can find your own job or internship abroad  
  • enrol on a course, i.e. TEFL. Download your free TEFL eBook TEFL Uncovered by James Jenkin


What do employers think about Gap Years?


Employers tend to look favourably upon candidates who have taken gap years, as long as they can show that they gained the necessary skills and experience required to do the job they are applying for.

Examples of skills gained during a gap year are:  problem-solving, initiative, teamworking, leadership.

The important point is that you communicate this information effectively on your job application and give examples of how you gained or enhanced these skills whilst travelling or working abroad. 


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