Warrington Media Mentoring: information for students

Warrington Media Mentoring is a new programme from Careers and Employability to help students considering a media career to access an industry contact who can help them develop the necessary skills, understanding and insight to increase their chances of breaking into the media industry. 

Warrington Media Mentoring can give you a real advantage if you're considering a career in media

Warrington Media Mentoring

Information for students: 

Warrington Media Mentoring is a new programme from Careers and Employability which aims to increase your skills and your understanding of the media industry by helping you to access contacts who currently work within media.
Warrington Media Mentoring provides an opportunity for you to meet with someone working in the media industry. Each mentoring relationship will be unique but mentoring could help you to:

• Get a realistic insight into the media industry and understand what working in a particular role is really like.
• Access one to one advice on your CV or job application from someone actually working in the industry.
• Gain an understanding of how you can increase your chances of getting into the media industry.

What's involved?

Warrington Media Mentoring will run from January to April. Applications for 2013 will open again next Autumn. Applications for the academic year 2011-12 are now closed.

How will it work?

Warrington Media Mentoring will give you a great opportunity to develop your knowledge of the media industry and develop a useful contact.
To make the most of the programme you'll need to:
• Be thinking about a career in media
• Be proactive
• Be reliable
• Be willing to commit up to 10 hours of your time between January and April 
You may meet your mentor at some point during the programme but the main means of contact with them could be email or phone.

What sort of time commitment will it involve?

• Attendance at an initial information session
• Giving some thought and time to things you may discuss with your mentor, such as your CV, work experience and potential career paths
• Commitment to meetings and other correspondence with your mentor between January and April. Remember, you may need to travel outside Warrington to visit your mentor in their workplace, if appropriate.
• Keeping in regular contact with your mentor - remember that the Warrington media mentors will be really busy people who've chosen to spend time with their mentee.

Your mental commitment

You'll get the most out of the programme if you plan:
• What you are going to say to your mentor
• What you want to get from the mentoring
• The best way to explain what you want from the mentoring!
Before you meet your mentor, think about how you want them to help you. You must also be prepared to take the initiative and maintain contact with your mentor.

Don't worry! We're here to support you and you'll receive a mentoring pack containing ideas about things you could discuss with your mentor.

Will I get a mentor from my area e.g. film, music or TV? 

If you state on the form that you'd prefer a mentor who works in the area related to your course e.g. TV or music, we'll do our best to match you to someone in a relevant area. Although this may not be someone in the role which you specified on your form e.g. TV presenter, we'll do our best to match you to someone who can help you get a realistic insight into the area you want to find out about.


With many areas of media now being multi-platform and inter-linked, being matched with someone from an area of work which you previously had little knowledge of may prove to be a real advantage for your future career.

Warrington Media Mentoring timeline

1. Ensure you are aware of the commitment needed to get the most out of our scheme.
2. Apply as soon as applications open in Autumn 2012. We match students on a first-come, first-served basis, so you'll need to apply early to avoid disappointment. Make sure you take the time to complete all the sections of the application as well as you can and treat it like a job application.
3. If you are successful, we'll invite you to attend an induction session in January, where you will receive training to help you make the most of mentoring. You may also meet your mentor for the first time.
4. Keep in contact with your mentor between January and April. You may conduct a lot of your mentoring by email or telephone as well as potentially having face-to-face meetings - so make sure you have enough time to do this.
5. At the end of the scheme we'll invite you to a closing event with your mentor, where you can share your experiences and successes with other participants.

Who can apply?

• Anyone currently on a University of Chester course considering a media career

• The programme is based at Warrington but students at Chester, Kingsway or Riverside are welcome to apply as long as they're prepared to travel to Warrington for the induction and meetings with their mentor

How to apply:

You'll need to download an application form and submit it before the deadline

Application information

Please treat the form like a job application as potential mentors will see these forms. We're expecting the scheme will be popular and there may be more applicants than mentors.
We may reject applications which contain lots of mistakes and don't offer reasonable answers to the questions, so make sure you try your best with the form. If you have any questions about your application please email careers@chester.ac.uk


Don't forget to mention any part-time or other work you've had. You may also want to talk about projects you've taken part in during your course and any activities you've done outside your studies.

Top tips for your application

1. Answer all sections as fully as possible.
2. Try to explain why you'd like a mentor as clearly as possible; we look at this information when deciding who will benefit most from mentoring.
3. Although you do not need to know exactly which areas of media you'd like to go into, it's helpful if you could give some examples of the sorts of jobs you're interested in or the skills you'd like to use, or activities you'd like to do in your ideal role.
4. Try to complete your form without typing errors or spelling errors. Ask a Careers Adviser (careers@chester.ac.uk) or a friend to check it. You can always cut and paste from a spell-checked Word document if you are not sure. If your first language is not English, please try to complete the form as accurately as possible.
5. Be flexible about your specific mentor requirements, where possible.
6. If you are studying for a postgraduate degree, provide details of your undergraduate degree and give your achieved result in the predicted result box. If you select year of graduation as 2010, we will know that it is an achieved grade.