Our Chester Business Master's course has been designed specifically to aid well motivated graduates in gaining or enhancing the appropriate skills and knowledge that will significantly improve their employability.

Participants will be paid throughout the two placement periods at an agreed rate by the host organisation."
Professor Danny Moss

The Faculty of Business and Management has a long track record of working with a broad cross section of businesses, helping to deliver improved performance in the workplace. Our innovative Business Master's is a work-placement based action-learning programme, designed specifically to help well-motivated graduates to gain or enhance the relevant knowledge and skills that will significantly improve their employability. It is a unique opportunity to combine advanced business practice and business theory development within a one year programme that incorporates two periods of twenty weeks paid work placement. It operates through Chester’s renowned work-based learning framework. Participants will be paid throughout the placement period at an agreed rate by the host organisation. Further benefits include:

  • a chance to showcase talent
  • gain a valuable insight
  • build a network of contacts
  • experience different industries and sectors
  • build a portfolio of work
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills

Examples of placements can be found within the Case Studies pages.

The Course Structure and Content

The programme will provide this mix of knowledge, skills and competency development through a structure that combines two periods of intensive of university-based study, with two extended supervised paid work placement projects (approximately 20 weeks each) based in business organisations across the region. During the placements, participants will not only gain invaluable work experience, but will also complete a defined business consultancy project for the company in question. For more on Chester Business Master's programme structure, view the module details.