The Chester Centre for Islamic Studies (CCIS) works together with academic and non-academic organisations to promote the academic study of Islam, to engage in staff and student exchange, to make academic research accessible to non-academic stakeholders and to contribute to a better understanding of Islam in wider society.

The Centre works together with the following organisations and institutions:





Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies: the bi-annual e-journal Shi’a Studies is a joint venture of the Chester Centre for Islamic Studies and the Centre for Islamic Shi‘a Studies and seeks to be a platform for dialogue between academic and traditional scholarship on Shia Islam.


 Faculty of Theology, Marmara University Istanbul

Faculty of Theology, Marmara University Istanbul: The Chester Centre for Islamic Studies and the Faculty of Theology at Marmara University Istanbul engage in staff exchange as part of the European Erasmus exchange programme.



College of Islamic Sciences, University of Baghdad: The Chester Centre for Islamic Studies and the College of Islamic Sciences at the University of Baghdad seek to establish a staff exchange programme between both institutions.



British Association for Islamic Studies (BRAIS):  Prof Oliver Scharbrodt is a member of the BRAIS Council.