About Us

The Centre provides an intellectual, creative and organisational resource for its own researchers, a developing archive and research resource and a platform for the exchange of ideas and the development of dialogue, with individuals and institutions at a local, regional, national and international level.


The Centre encourages collaboration with other researchers and sees particular potential for establishing a strong exchange of ideas and the possibility of collaborative projects between practice based researchers, theoreticians, historians, and critics etc., who share an interest in its field of study. The Centre focuses its energies on strengthening and extending existing research links with academic, employer and professional partners in priority research areas and beyond.


Development and support

The Centre encourages debate about research skills, methods and approaches and will be able to develop and support research training. It also provides the opportunity for regular discourse, mentoring and peer review through a programme of research seminars.


The mission of the Centre is:

  • To promote the growth and development of Arts and Media based research
  • To provide a creative, intellectual and organisational resource for all researchers in the Faculty
  • To provide a supportive infrastructure to nurture the growing confidence of all staff thereby creating a more robust research environment
  • To encourage collaboration both across the University and with external individuals/ institutions
  • To provide a venue for exchange and dialogue with other existing Centres and research institutions in the UK, and thereby contribute to current national debates in what is a newly emerging area of research
  • To attract full and part-time doctoral students to the University who have a particular interest in these areas
  • To contribute to the realisation of the University‚Äôs research aspirations