CCRAM News and Events Archive

CCRAM Research Day

Kingsway, 25th of March, CKW126, 10am-4pm

Guest Lecturer Dr Mike Pearson: ‘On site: staging The Persians and Coriolan/us with National Theatre Wales’

Refreshments Provided! All Welcome!


CCRAM Research Day

Warrington, 19th of February 2013, WMN901, 10am-4pm

Guest Lecturer Dr Craig Owen Jones: “‘Still Here?’ A Geospatial Survey of Welsh-language Pop”

Refreshments Provided! All welcome!


Inaugural Lecture: Professor Darren Sproston, Head of Performing Arts and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Media

Beswick, 28th November 2012, 7pm

Lecture Title: Persistent Memories and the (Un)Popular Music Dichotomy

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CCRAM Research Day

Kingsway, 30th October 2012, CKW126, 10am-4pm

Guest Lecturer Dr David Fligg: Music and Memory - Searching for Gideon Klein

Refreshments provided! All Welcome!


Contemporary Ethnography and Traditional Performance conference

 July 13-14, University of Chester

Full programme details available here: 

Conference Schedule July 2012


Performing Arts Department - Research Seminar

Wednesday 16th of May, CKW209, 4pm-5pm

Dr Julian Waite: 'Van Gogh and the Directional line'

Richard Molony: 'Offence and how to cause it'

Refreshments provided! All welcome!



Performing Arts Department - Research Seminar

Wednesday 2nd of May, CKW204, 4pm-5pm

Professor Daren Sproston: 'Broken Structures in Roberto Gerhard's Metamorphoses'

Ms Evelyn Jamieson: 'Collaborative Practice in Dance: The interplay of dance, community and curriculum'

Refreshments provided! All Welcome!


CCRAM Research Day - Faculty of Arts and Media

Monday 26th of March, CKW209, 10am-4pm

Key-note speaker: Myna Trustram, Manchester City Art Gallery: 'Asylum and the Museum'.

Lunch and refreshments provided! All Welcome!


Performing Arts Department - Research Seminar

Thursday 8 March 4pm-5pm CKW007

Professor Susan Hallam: 'The wider benefits of making music'

All Welcome!


Performing Arts Department - Research Seminar

Wednesday 29 February 4pm-5pm CKW209

Ms Stephanie Brocken: 'Fragmented Adulthood, fragmented practice: Towards a contemporary interdisciplinary approach to using the arts with young people'

Mr James Layton: 'Hotel Medea: Slowness and Self-Actualization in an instant culture'

All Welcome!


CCRAM Research Day - 14 February 2012

Warrington Campus, Tucker 103, 10am-4pm

Key-note lecture: Dr Ruxanda Trandafoiu (Edge Hill University)

Lecture title: 'Romanian migrants negotiating musical tradition in cyberspace'

All Welcome!


Performing Arts Department - Research Seminar

Wednesday 18 January 4pm-5pm CKW209

Dr Laura Cull, Northumbria University

'Performance-Philosophy: the philosophical turn in Performance Studies'

All Welcome!


Performing Arts Department - Research Seminar

Wednesday 23 November 4pm-5pm CKW209

Ms Shelley Piasecka: 'Sewing shadows; Investigating Performance Research in the Primary School Curriculum'

Ms Jane Loudon: 'Place, Landscape and Memory'

All Welcome!


Department for Media Studies - Guest Lecture

17 November 3pm-4.30pm (CKW126 main Kingsway lecture theatre)

Richard Peppiatt: 'Punching down: The tabloid press and Islam'

Richard is a media commentator and former tabloid reporter, who resigned from

the Daily Star earlier this year in protest at what he described as the paper's

anti-Muslim propaganda.


Gaza Children's Art Show, Kingsway Gallery

Opening at 5pm on Tuesday November 8th an exhibition of children’s art work from

Gaza collected by CAPE (Chester and Palestine Exchange) will provide a

challenging insight into the trauma of the continuing conflict and the impact

upon the children growing up in its grip. Rod Cox who visited Palestine and

collected the artwork will present a tour of the work and elaborate on the

context and the ambition for the exhibition. 

Rod Cox’s presentation will begin at 5.15pm and the opening event will close at

7pm. The exhibition will continue at the gallery until November 18th open weekdays 10am to 4pm.


Department for Performing Arts - Research Seminar

Wednesday 19 October 2011, 4pm-5pm, CKW209

Guest Speaker: Zoe Barltrop

The Erotics of Circus Performance


CCRAM Research Day

Monday 31 October, 9am-3pm, CKW209

Key-note speaker: Dr Robert Wilsmore (York St John University) - 'Confessions of a Research Scavenger'

Short Timetable:

9am-12am: Presentations and lecture-demonstrations from Art and Design and Performing Arts staff

12am-1pm: Lunch break

1pm-3pm: Presentations and lecture-demontrations from Performing Arts staff