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McGuirk T. (2009) "Reflecting and Making: The Need for Parity of Esteem" at the Art of Research Conference: Processes , Results and Contributions,  24th to the 25th of November 2009 at The University of Art and Design, (TaiK), Helsinki, Finland: conference paper

McGuirk T. (2009) “Knowing by Hand: Embodied Knowledge in Higher Education in Art and Design”, in BottâG. & Härmänmaa M. (Ed’s) (2009) Language and the Scientific Imagination.  Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas – ISSEI, 28 July–2 Aug. 2008,Publication available at Helda: The Repository of the University of Helsinki, Finland, ISBN 978-952-10-6118-9: conference paper

McGuirk, T. (2011) “Drawing and Intellectualism: Contested Paradigms of Knowledge”, peer reviewed conference proceedings for the Conference: SkinDeep - experiential knowledge and multi- sensory communication, 23 - 24 June 2011. At the University for the Creative Arts, venue Farnham Castle, UK: conference paper

McGuirk T. (2012) “When Art turns its Back on the Body” in Elkins James (ed.), What Do Artists Know?University Park, PA; Penn State University Press. Vol. 3 of: “The Stone Theory Institute Series”: chapter

McGuirk, T. (2009) “Beyond Prejudice: method and interpretation in research in the visual arts”, Journal: Working Papers in Art and Design 5 2008, ISSN 1466-491–7: article

McGuirk T. (2010) “Heidegger’s Rift: The Epistemological Significance of Drawing”, in: De Freitas, N. (Ed.)Studies in Material Thinking, Edition 4, ISSN 1177-6234, AUT University, New Zealand: article

McGuirk, T. (2011). A nomos for art and design. Journal of Research Practice7(1), Mäkelä, M., Nimkulrat, N., Dash D. P., Nsenga, F-X.(Athabasca, Canada) 2011: article 

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