The Chaplaincy staff and community are here for ALL members of the University, whether student or staff, those of all faiths and none.

We believe that hospitality and acceptance are vital as we seek to live out the two greatest commandments from Jesus, that of loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. Food, friendship, pastoral care, prayer, listening, laughter, tea, tears, coffee and conversation are all part of what we can offer you if you drop into the Chaplaincy in...

  • Longfield House, (next to the Binks building) on the Parkgate Road Campus
  • Martin building Room 009, Warrington Campus


Chaplaincy is a place where Friendships are formed and nurtured through Learning more about God, ourselves and others, where Worship, both individual and corporate, inspires our participation in God’s life and Mission".
Chaplaincy ethos


The Dove

Our student-designed dove icon expresses what Chaplaincy here at the University of Chester is about and you’ll find more information about these four key values by clicking on the following links: 

  • Friendship – where staff and students can connect and form supportive friendships;
  • Learning – where together we can learn in a respectful environment and support each other on our spiritual journey;
  • Worship – where we come together as a community to encounter and respond to God;
  • Mission – where we seek to live out God's mission through word and action: we see that our own involvement in Discipleship, Care for Others, Social Justice and Environmental Stewardship all form part of a broad proclamation of the Good News of God.

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