Costa Yiannakis (Malawian)

MSc in Management with International Business 2011


What attracted you to the programme?

“The MSc in Management with International business has enabled me to think more in depth about my work and always ask "what if, how so, etc..." It gets me to see how I can always add value in whatever I am doing for my customers.”

What I discovered during the course?

“My Tourism degree gave me a good grounding which I’ve been able to build on with the MSc. I am looking to develop an application (App) and my skills have taught me how to manage and co-ordinate efficiently and effectively between lots of different stakeholders and ensure the end user gets a good quality and worthwhile service.”

My future goals

“I have been offered a position as a lecturer at the Florence University of Art (FUA). I’m teaching two modules currently - Business Strategy and International Management. My long term plan is to develop an application (App) for iPhones and iPads. So far I have a school and a University in Florence interested in adopting it.”