New Book on Making Employer Partnerships Work

The main focus of 'Making Employer and University Partnerships Work' is on how universities can support and enhance learning at Level 4 and above (i.e. the same level and standard as traditional higher education) but which is undertaken in the workplace and often is provided directly by employers rather than by universities themselves.

'Making Employer and University Partnerships Work' contains some 15 case studies of specific projects which give a rounded perspective of the opportunities, obstacles and solutions to developing employer/university partnerships. Each case study is jointly authored by a manager from the organisation involved as well as a member of the collaborating university. An analysis of the case studies addresses issues of impact, relationships and quality drawn from the case studies. It stresses the key issues and challenges involved in developing these partnerships, which often require both employer and university positively to change the way they do business.

The book describes a different type of higher education; one that is responsive, flexible and 'fit for purpose', and one which is likely to become increasingly important given the difficulties facing the economy and in higher education the changes to funding regimes.

'Making Employer and University Partnerships Work' is aimed at higher education policy makers, managers, educational practitioners and academics with an interest in employer engagement, employer-responsive provision, and for extending Higher Education opportunities to those in the workplace.