Stress and Human Disease

Information about research in the Chester Centre for Stress Research (CCSR) on stress and human disease.

The CCSR is an interdisciplinary grouping linking the research interests of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Care and a number of external bodies. The aim of CCSR is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and perform research of international significance.  

All aspects of the biology of stress are covered, from the cell to the whole organism. These are mainly studied in clinical settings, for example for Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, leukaemia; or using cell-based model systems in mechanistic studies (molecular biology laboratory). 

Cellular stress

  • Homocysteine induced oxidative stress
  • Cellular responses induced by LPS

Extra-cellular heat shock proteins

  • Regulation of Hsp release from cells
  • The role of extra-cellular Hsps
  • Interactions between Hsps and membranes

Regulation of bone cell activity

  • Regulation of OPG secretion
  • OPG and apoptosis

Exercise dependence and stress

  • Impact of exercise on the immune system
  • Hsps induced by exercise

Assay development

  • Hsps as environmental biomarkers