Dr Neil Pickles

Deputy Head of Biological Sciences and Senior lecturer

I am a former student of the department, having read for a BSc in Biology. During my degree I was awarded the Society of Biology Bioscience student of the year award. This was then followed by a PhD in Biochemistry of Carbohydrates, also in the department under the supervision of Professor John Williams. During my PhD research, I won the IFST research student of the year award. I am passionate about providing a good student experience and remaining research active.




Following a postgraduate scholarship at the University of California, Riverside (USA) investigating the biochemistry of arabinogalactans, I returned to the UK to take up a post as lecturer in Biochemistry and nutrition at Manchester Metropolitan University. I was pleased to be able to return to department, where I am currently a senior lecturer and programme leader for BSc Biology. I have a postgraduate teaching qualification (PGCAP) and I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).


I teach across all undergraduate and postgraduate levels and on a wide variety of modules. Areas of teaching involve mainly biochemistry, data handling and research methods. I am module leader at level 5 for Research Methods (BI5110), Biology of Disease (BI5111) and Applied Clinical Skills for Biomedical Sciences (BI5127).  I am also module leader for two modules on MSc Biomedical Science course: Analytical Techniques in Biomedical Sciences (BI7104) and Clinical Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis (BI7107). I am a keen advocate of using technology in teaching, for example: embedded videos, voting software and the use of twitter as a pedagogical tool.


I am research active and supervise BSc, MSc and PhD research projects. My fascination that developed during my PhD with carbohydrates continues, but my research interests are quite diverse. They include:

  • Biochemistry of complex carbohydrates -  structural analysis, differentiation and effect on the immune system
  • Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) development and analysis
  • Measurement of bio-molecular interactions using surface plasmon resonance, for example binding of heat shock proteins and their inhibitors
  • Microbiology – adaptive resistance and quorum sensing

I have presented research at numerous international conferences and have published research papers, particularly in the areas of carbohydrate biochemistry and ELISA development. Although I am often very busy teaching and mostly supervise research, you will often find me sneaking into the research laboratories to do some experiments.

Published work

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