Programmes - Clinical Sciences and Nutrition

Our Undergraduate and Masters programmes are research-informed and are designed to provide topical, postgraduate education and specialist professional development for healthcare practitioners and for those aspiring to work in these high profile fields.

The programmes are market and employer driven

The programmes are market and employer driven and we have a number of employer liaison partnership groups which support curriculum development ensuing our curricula is relevant to the workplace and the policy imperatives and ensuring that our graduates are fit for purpose in the context of employability. Our recent Undergraduate employability statistics indicate 100% of all graduates in dietetics find employment in their field within six months and for Human Nutrition this is 90% making us one of the highest in the sector. The programmes are characterised by a multidisciplinary approach stressing the importance of evidence-based practice in ensuring high standards of professional service. Many of our programmes carry professional accreditation points or are accredited with national learned and professional bodies.

We attract students from all over the world to study on our UK and International programmes. We have around 200 students each year, an alumni of over 600 graduates representing over 42 nationalities registered on the programme – a sign that our programmes meet the needs not only at a national level but internationally.