Research expertise and experience

Researchers from the Centre have undertaken a wide range of research activities in a variety of public health areas.

Specifically, there is academic research expertise and interest in the following areas:

  • social welfare and social policy in relation to the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families;
  • sexual health needs and sexual health services, particularly for children and young people;
  • obesity, overweight, exercise and physical activity;
  • services and interventions for the prevention, management and treatment of alcohol and drug use;
  • services for the management and treatment of cancers, including screening;
  • access to health and social care services for ‘vulnerable' groups;
  • domestic violence and the role of health service staff in its management;
  • evaluation of public health interventions, including social marketing;
  • new nursing roles in primary care;
  • schools, workplaces and communities as settings for promoting health.

The list of published reports illustrates specific projects that have been completed for external commissioners.

If you are interested in discussing further the work which has been undertaken by the Centre, or you would like to commission the Centre to carry out research for your organisation, please contact Professor Miranda Thurston.