Previous Lectures

Details of previously-held Annual Haygarth Public Health Lectures.

2008 lecture

Shouting for Health: The Art and Science of Health Advocacy

Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, President of the UK Faculty of Public Health

Professor Maryon-Davis discussed the challenges of getting health messages across, not only to the public but also to decision makers.

The lecture focussed on obesity, with particular reference to the importance of physical activity, but also touched on a few provocative challenges to policy-makers. Professor Maryon-Davis felt that it is important to set the right backdrop for one's messages to incentivise and induce - it is often said that one has to make the healthy choice the easy choice for people. The importance of physical activity has really come to the fore as a public health issue, not just in terms of obesity, but also for tackling other health issues such as high blood pressure, for example.

Professor Mayron-Davis's powerpoint presentation.

2006 lecture

Can health be a driver in the food supply chain?

Professor Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University, London

Professor Lang's lecture can be viewed here.

2005 lecture

Choosing or losing health?

Professor David J. Hunter, Professor of Health Policy and Management, University of Durham

The booklet, written by Professor Hunter to accompany the lecture, can be viewed here.