Research & Consultancy

We carry out research in a range of computer science related fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Emergent Systems, eLearning, Agile Development, Mobile Computing, eMarketing and Digital Media, as well as improving student employability through integrated work experience.

To provide a high level of support to our postgraduate students, we restrict to around 8 the number of MPhil and PhD (full-time and part-time) students conducting their research projects in the Department of Computer Science.

Research activities feed directly into the teaching and assessment of modules taught within the MSc programmes. They also influence the design and delivery of the Department's undergraduate programmes. The School is keen to explore all available opportunities for research which can complement and enhance its teaching.

For further information on research, contact the Department’s Research Co-ordinator Dr John Kerins (

Links between Research and Teaching

The integration of research and learning is an important aspect of academic quality enhancement. Research falls broadly into two areas:

  • Pure research is concerned with advancing knowledge within a particular field rather than finding answers to practical problems. It asks broader questions at a  higher level of generalisation than applied research.
  • Applied research asks more specific questions about practical problems affecting specific situations.

The goals of our Computer Science programmes in particular are such that they derive most benefit from applied research -  the Department encourages its academic staff to actively contribute to the development and understanding of how information and communication technology can be exploited. Staff are currently undertaking PhDs and/or publishing papers and being actively involved in research networks, while others provide consultancy and guidance to employers on ICT related issues, particularly via the Informatics Centre