Dr Lee Speakman

Senior Lecturer

Lee graduated from the University of Manchester in 1999 with First Class MPhys (Dual Hons) degree in Physics with Theoretical Physics, and gained his PhD in MANETs (Mobile Ad hoc Networks) in 2009 from the University of Niigata, Japan.  Following a career in defence in EW, and software and cyber exploitation on national programmes, he returned to academia, joining the University of Chester in 2015 to lead the Cybersecurity Programme.


M.Phys PhD


Lee Speakman is the Programme Lead for the Cybersecurity Programme at the University.  He is leading the capability build-up in cybersecurity and related fields, for teaching in our degree courses, research, and collaborative work with industry and government, including policing and investigation.


As lead of Cybersecurity, Lee makes sure the quality and direction of the taught course - our BSc in Cybersecurity - provides the student with the knowledge, skills, practice, and expertise they need in industry, government, business, or elsewhere they may pursue a career in cybersecurity.  He has an emphasis on practical real-world experience to maximise the student's potential.

Furthermore, Lee is leading the team to develop a Masters course and a conversion Masters course in the field of cybersecurity, with input from industry and business, and from cross-Faculty to provide the wider aspects of the cybersecurity realm.


Lee has over 5 years' experience as technical and research lead, including in MANET and network security research, and in system exploitation and protection in the Cyber Exploitation Group, in Defence.  Lee's primary research interests are in software and cyber exploitation, novel operating system security, and software and system protection methods, including in hypervisors & virtualisation, system monitors, firmware exploitation, and underpinning intelligent or autonomic Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs).

He has further experience in Reverse-Engineering, Anti-Forensics, and Software Protection Methods, as well as communications and networks, and has interests in Future Internet; Information Centric Networking (ICNs) and Named Data Networking (NDN), and its evolutionary design.

His hobby research is in machine emulation.

Published work

Journal Publications

1. L. Speakman, Y. Owada, and K. Mase, "Looping in OLSRv2 in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Loop Suppression and Loop Correction", IEICE Transactions on Communications, Vol.E92-B, No.4 April 2009, pp1210-1221.

Conference Publications

1. L. Speakman and K. Mase, "Effect of Node Mobility on Performance of OLSRv2 in MANETs with respect to Loop Formation", IEICE Special Conference on Communications, BS-10-27, S.2, S-117/118, September 2009, Niigata, Japan.

2. L. Speakman and K. Mase, "Looping in OLSRv2 in MANETs: A Blacklist Mechanism for Loop Avoidance", IEICE General Conference, BS-4-28, S.2, S-55/56, March 2009, Matsuyama, Japan.

3. L. Speakman, Y. Owada, and K. Mase, "An analysis of loop formation in OLSRv2 in ad-hoc networks and limiting its negative impact", IEEE International CQR Workshop, April 2008, Phoenix, Arizona.

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