Student Support

We have a number of support mechanisms that ensure that students get the most out of their studies.

There is a strong Department ethos concerning the provision of learning and teaching materials. The culmination of many years' experience in providing on-line materials has been the integration of the Department's in-house network (CompSci) with the University intranet system based on Microsoft Sharepoint. Our central IT team (LIS) have recently adopted Moodle as our primary e-Learning system, ensuring our students and staff can communicate easily and collaborate on documents and study materials.

All modules have online materials which comprise lecture notes, workshop and study tasks, and assessments.  A resource section provides generic teaching materials, downloadable software, and reference sources. These are available directly within the Department and remotely via a web-interface. 

Students get prompt feedback on all assessed work and Module Tutors offer individual or group tutorials to tackle specific issues.

Students receive additional support and guidance via a number of mechanisms:

  • The Programme Leader and Departmental Support Staff
  • The student's Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) who monitors student's progress, provides pastoral support, counselling and guidance, and facilitates access to any specialised support the student may need. The student normally has the same PAT throughout their study programme.
  • The University's Student Support and Guidance (SSG)
  • The Students' Union

Students are encouraged to contribute to the continual improvement of the Department's provision through their Student Academic Representatives.