Our Students

What do our students have to say about our courses?

Arran Collier - Graduate - BSc Computer Science

Arran Collier - Computer Science Graduate"When I first visited the University of Chester, I knew it was the perfect choice. Right from the beginning, the Faculty staff were friendly and committed and this did not falter throughout the three years. The amount of one-to-one time that is available with lecturers is really good. You know everyone by name, and the class sizes are small enough for you to get the time and attention you need. Choosing the University of Chester was one of the best decisions I have made. The course materials, as well as the time I spent with the Informatics Centre, gave me a good balance of academic and practical knowledge, preparing me for the real world. This gave me the competitive advantage over other students when looking for my next career move and I have now been lucky enough to secure a place with the world’s number one Technology Company on a two-year graduate scheme. I can honestly say this would not have been possible without the University’s continued help and support throughout my degree."

Matthew Elloy - Graduate - BSc Computer Scicence 

Matthew Elloy - Computer Science Graduate"The BSc Computer Science course at the University of Chester has given me an excellent opportunity to pursue my career in IT. The staff are all dedicated to ensuring the development of students' skills and knowledge and provide lots of one-to-one support when needed. The course provides many skills for working with relevant technologies, such as ASP.NET and Java, which are used by many companies. The course also provided me with a lot of real-world experience when working on projects for clients – this really helped enhance my CV and allowed me to secure a place on the HP Graduate Programme."

Lucas O'Mahony - Graduate - BSc Computer Science

"Throughout my time at the University I have enjoyed it thoroughly. My main reasons coming here were not just the up-to-date equipment and module content, but also the friendliness of the staff and the location of the University. I have found all the modules studied so far to be beneficial for work in the industry. Studying at Chester has given me lots of new friends in life and has given me a solid knowledge of areas I didn’t know much about, as well as expanding on knowledge I already had. I am currently working in the Informatics Centre which is a web/software development company based in the University."

Kate Radcliff - Graduate - BSc Information Systems Management

Kate Radcliff - Student for ISM"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University of Chester. The main attraction for me was the friendly atmosphere of the campus and  the nearby town. Although I have enjoyed my time on the main campus, I wish I could have had the chance to study at our new site in Thornton, which I recently visited and thought will provide great opportunities for the Computer Science department. The staff at the University have always been helpful and supportive and are very knowledgeable in the modules they teach.” 

Philip Wilkinson - Student - BSc Games Development

Student on BSc Games Development

"When choosing a University to study a programme, you want the best choice that will benefit you the most. During my search, the University of Chester was the best choice for me by far; its BSc Games Development not only teaches you the basics but provides the necessary skills to get you into the industry straight from graduation. As time moves forward so does the programme. The latest hardware and software means you're always staying current, which is a major advantage when employees see your skills. What makes the programme work best of all is the friendliness of the lecturers - they make the time for one-to-one support, whether discussing assignments or ideas to put forward for the future. The combination of a friendly environment and well planned out programme makes the University of Chester a great place to study for your chosen career path."

Bradley Barlow - Student - BSc Games Development

"Deciding your future is always difficult and the choice of university is an important part of that, The University of Chester has proved to be the perfect choice for me with areas of study that match my career ambitions. The BSc Games Development has provided me with a range of skills in multiple areas giving me the opportunity to choose my own path into the industry. The work based learning opportunities give me a real chance at seeing how the industry works; to gain experience to take with me into my future career. The staff are very friendly and professional and always respond well when needed. During my time on the course I have picked up many new skills in software I had previously not used. I have made many great friends and had some of the best experiences of my life. Overall Chester is a great place to live and an excellent place to study."