Research - Design Department

Kevin Furlong MA - Deputy Head of Department

Kevin is currently researching the interaction of sound within digital media and virtual space.  Kevin's audio art work has been internationally published, broadcast and distributed as electronic, experimental genre. He is Deputy Head of the Department of Art and Design and is currently pro-active within the Department, lecturing in graphic design and specialising in motion graphics and interactive design.

Kevin joined the University of Chester in September 2005.

Bernadine Murray MA - Programme Leader: Graphic Design

Bernadine has a background in graphic design, multimedia and fine art. With creative industry experience in the development of interactive educational software, her practice is focused in user-centred design, programming, electronic graphic design, motion graphics and interactive media. Bernadine's research interests include the development, design and production of adult literacy software and experimentation in digital animation and scannography.

Bernadine joined the University of Chester in Sept 2007.

David Rutherford MA, MPhil - Programme Leader: Advertising

A commercial photographer and corporate communications specialist from Toronto, Canada, Rutherford has designed communications materials for government agencies and non-profit organisations. From 1993 to 1997, Rutherford served as Director of Communications for Canadian national social justice groups. Committed to raising public awareness of the relationship between visual communication and social ideologies, since 1992, his essays on visual symbols, advertising and social ideologies regularly featured in several North American newspapers, journals and magazines. Since 1987, his photographs have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, France and Japan.

From 1985 to 1994, Rutherford taught undergraduate photographic arts in Toronto. Following his move to France, from 1999 to 2005, Rutherford was Senior Lecturer in Communications and Humanities at CERAM in Sophia Antipolis, where he collaborated on the curriculum design of the university's new Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communications and developed new modules in Social and Media Studies.

Rutherford holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Art, a Diploma in Social Work, a Master's degree in Philosophy and a PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Currently Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Advertising at the University of Chester, Rutherford is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Alan Summers MA - Programme Leader: MA in Design

With experience in the digital design field producing digital graphics, interactive information systems, 3D visualisations and animations since 1990 for a client base that has ranged from architects and musicians to government agencies, Alan looks for the links between academic and industry practice.

Alan's previous roles have included working as the Director of the Welsh Development Agency funded Digital Consortia of six Welsh HEIs and two industrial training partners that was developing DVD based materials supporting SME's within the digital media sector and bridging the divide between HE and industry. This encompassed three DVD-based packages concerned with Design Fundamentals, Business and Management and Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation for the Digital Media sector.

Alan's current PhD research is in the application of experiential systems within digital environments in order to investigate the implications of a users' prior experiential learning upon the design and implementation of digital based immersive systems.

Alan joined the University of Chester in September 2007.

Michael Moore MA - Lecturer in Graphic Design

Michael has extensive experience within the creative economy working in both graphic design and multimedia, encompassing print based design, corporate design, web and interactive technologies. Michael has worked within education for over 12 years, formally as a Programme Leader for Art and Design, Multimedia and Games Technology.

Michael's current research practices focus on Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction and the Utilisation of Intuitive Graphical Interface. He is the University of Chester representative for a collaborative educational research project with the Universities of Bolton, Central Lancashire, Cumbria and Huddersfield.

Michael joined the University of Chester in January 2008.

Dr Christopher Hart MA (Econ) BA (Hons) - Lecturer in Advertising

Christopher was awarded his doctorate in advertising in 1993 and has held posts at the University of Central England, Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University and has undertaken a number of assignments as writer of course materials for the Open University Masters in Social Science (D820).

Having won over 70 research grants for postgraduate study from the AHRB and ESRC, Christopher is an experienced doctorate and masters supervisor.  His recent titles include:  Englishness: Diversity, Differences and Identity (2007) ISBN 978955124402; Heroines and Heroes: Embodiment, Symbolism and Narrative (2008) ISBN 9780955124433; Talcott Parsons: Theories, Developments and

Applications (2008) ISBN 9781905984138 and The Legacy of the Chicago School, with Howard Becker (Dec 2008) ISBN 9781905984145.

Christopher is editor of the Sage Study Skills Series for which he has written three books including Doing Your Masters Dissertation (2002).  He has been involved in national and international research projects, the most recent (for which he was director) was a pan-European study of social capital amongst a community of interest and which involved over 800,000 respondents in 12 countries.

Christopher joined the University of Chester in January 2007.

Kate Sillitoe MSc - Lecturer in Advertising

Kate has a background in graphic design, commercial photography and interactive multimedia production. She has several years experience working in industry as a multimedia manager and producer for Momentum UK, part of the McCann-Erickson Worldwide Advertising Group. She has produced educational materials, both interactive and static, in a wide range of media, for both charity and non-profit making organisations. She also produces websites for commercial organisations.

Kate specialises in interactive multimedia, incorporating web design and programming, video production, graphics and sound for distribution over the internet or on CD-Rom.

Kate's research interests include human-computer interaction and the development of online social networks.

Kate has a first degree in Interactive and Broadcast Media, an MSc in Interactive Multimedia Production and a Teaching Certificate in Post-16 Education

Kate joined the University of Chester in January 2007.

Dr Rina Arya MA - Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies

Rina's background is in theology (MA, PhD) and the history of art (BA).  Her research is interdisciplinary with interests in the theoretical perspectives of fine art, literature and theology.  A particular focal point is the artist Francis Bacon, examining his work from a variety of different perspectives - psychosexual, political, philosophical and theological.  She is also interested in the cultural thinker/theorist Georges Bataille and the relationship between eroticism and mysticism in his work.

Rina's doctoral thesis argued that, following on from the cultural awakening of the ‘death of God' in the West, Bacon and Bataille, amongst a host of other artists and thinkers explore the sacred in a non-theological, or more precisely, an a-theological framework.  The morphology of the sacred is a recurrent theme in her research and she has investigated the experience and subsequent expression of the idea of the sacred in both religious and secular contexts through an exploration of the phenomenology of pain, ecstasy and the oscillation between self-awareness and jouissance. 

Rina's publications include: ‘The role of Objects in Bataille's Story of the Eye' in the ‘On Objects' issue, Performance Research, (2008); pp. 67-77, A-theology and the recovery of the sacred in Bataille and Bacon in La Revue Silène, (2008); pp. 45-58 (English), pp. 59-72,‘The Religious Significance on Violence in Football' in, Understanding Religion and Violence in Popular Culture edited by, Eric Christianson and Christopher Partridge (London: Equinox, 2008), ‘Painting the Pope: An analysis of Francis Bacon's Study after Velásquez's Pope Innocent X' for Literature and Theology, Oxford University Press, ‘An analysis of motion in Bacon through the theories of time in Bergson' for Visual Culture in Britain, Manchester University Press (forthcoming), Reviews of Sacred to Profane: Writings on Worship and Performance, edited by Anjum Katyal, Calcutta: Seagull Books, 2006 and Actors, Pilgrims, Kings and Gods: The Ramlila at Ramnagar, by Anuradha Kapur, Calcutta: Seagull Books, 2006 for Implicit Religion (forthcoming).

Rina joined the University of Chester in January 2007.