Professor Allan Owens

Professor of Drama Education, Head of International Education, Co-Director RECAP.

My practice and research centre round the educational applications of drama and theatre in professional and social contexts.




Allan Owens is Professor of Drama Education and Co-Director of the Centre for Research in to Creativity, Education and the Arts through Practice (RECAP) University of Chester where he is also Distinguished Teaching Fellow and National Teaching Fellow.

Current work focuses on creative pedagogy, the intercultural dimension of drama and in particular the use of arts based initiatives in organizational contexts. In the past decade Allan  has worked in 16 countries with on-going long-term projects in Palestine, Finland, Japan, Spain, Sweden and Estonia. He has led long-term capacity building projects, run intensive short programs, developed research initiatives and staged pre-text based interactive performances in collaboration with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.


Prof. Owens teaches on academic programmes in both the Faculty of Education & Faculty of Arts and Media - Department of Performing Arts:

BA Drama and Theatre: Dissertations and Independent Negotiated Studies

MA Creativity and Education in the Professions: (1) CD7301 Engagement with Creative Practice & (2) CD7303 Creative Professional Inquiry

Post Graduate Certificate in Education Drama: Intercultural Dimension & Subject Enrichment

MA Educational Leadership: CD7604 Creativity, Innovation and Leadership

PhD/MPhil/EdD supervision: currently includes; Drama in organisations; the role of the drama pedagogue in artist-teacher settings; how learning takes place in drama; the intercultural dimension of drama; the use of interdisciplinary approaches in the arts with young people in non-formal settings to develop social and political understanding.

(Applications for research supervision are welcome)


Co-writing with Professor Jeff Adams: Creativity and Democracy in Education (Book forthcoming, Routledge 2015).

The use of Arts Based Initiatives to support scholars and practitioners in the Management Studies community to think critically,  with Dr Anne Passila (LUT, Finland) and Prof. Elena Antonocopoulu (University of Liverpool Business School). Funded by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (2014-15).

Innovaatiotoiminnan Oppimisjamit : Anglo-Finish Learning Jam Workshop Series  (2014 -15)

Drama Connecting People  Germany, Estonia and Finland, Grundtvig EU funding (2013-2015)

Participatory Consultation , RSA NW & Frodsham Foundation funding (2014). Knowledge exchange- Prototype Helsinki

Creative Pedagogy Comparative Study UK-Palestine, British Academy (2013-2o15) .

Manager 2.0 Investigating ‘New Leadership’ through process drama as a form of research based theatre, LUT Finland, Tekes Funded (2012-2103).

Intercultural Awareness and Competence: with partner universities in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Estonia and Spain (2011, 2012, 2013)  Life Long Learning, Erasmus Intensive Program funding.

Reviving Palestinian Schools Programme New Learning : working with partner universities in West Bank and Gaza, Palestine, World Bank funding (2011-2012).

Published work

Owens, A. (2014). Translating and Understanding: pre-text based drama (pp. 45-68). Hyva Hankaus 2.0 (Ed.) Pekka Korhonen ja Raija Airaksinen, Helsinki: Draamatayo. ISBN  -9 78- 9-526 -670416

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Owens, A. (18.05.2010-06.08.2012) ‘Urashima Pre-text’. Research based process drama into perceptions of time and use of the pre-text form in professional contexts. In collaboration with Nomi Shimizu Green and Taichi-kikaku Theatre Company. Tokyo. UK, Japan, Finland.

Owens, A. (28.06.2008 -08.06.2012), Returning to Haifa Pre-text’. Research based process drama into the limits of self-other imagining through drama pre-texts in the Palestinian-Israeli Situation. With Hala Al Yamani UK, Palestine.

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ISBN 978-3-937895-68-0

Owens, A. (09.03.2007). Momo Taro and Lear  Pre-texts . Research based process drama into perceptions of education and truth.  The Theatre Academy of Finland, Helsinki, Finland.

Owens, A. (18.04.07- 21.04.07). The Bird in the Cage Pre-text. Research based Process Drama investigating the relationship between  freedom and resistance.The New National Theatre, Tokyo, Japan; NEC, Katayanagi Institute, Tokyo, Japan; National Children’s Theatre Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan.

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