Environmental Research

We conduct a variety of research in environmental issues:

Environmental change

The distribution and dynamics of biological crusts and their potential as sensors of climate change (Roy AlexanderJane Bevan).

Physical Processes

Particularly in glacial, hydrological and coastal environments (Amanda Williams, Katharine Welsh, Victoria Powell).

Hazard processes and management

Especially slope instability, tsunami (Servel MillerDerek France, Martin Degg).


Community carbon reduction and community energy schemes (Roy AlexanderTamara Hunt). 

Research projects

Going Carbon Neutral

Professor Roy Alexander and Tamara Hunt

The department has a number of research programmes in carbon reduction and management. We provide survey and analysis for the Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral project and also work with a range of organisations and community groups locally, nationally and internationally (Roy AlexanderTamara Hunt).


Modelling basin-scale sediment dynamics in the Petit lac d'Annecy catchment, French pre-Alps

Dr Katharine Welsh

Ongoing work into modelling of basin-scale sediment dynamics is being undertaken by Dr Katharine Welsh who has modified the CAESAR model to include a more robust representation of hillslope processes so that long-term sediment dynamics can be identified and investigations can be made into how sediment may respond to future anthropogenic and climatic changes in the pre-Alpine zone of France. 


Sediment-Source Fingerprinting, Brotherswater, English Lake District

Dr Katharine Welsh

Dr Katharine Welsh has been successfully awarded funding from the Manchester Geographical Society in both 2011 and 2012 to extend the work conducted in the Brotherswater catchment, English Lake District in collaboration with Dr Richard Chiverrell and Daniel Schillereff at the University of Liverpool.  The funding has provided 210 Pb dates for lake sediment cores and will enable laboratory work to be undertaken on catchment samples to analyse magnetic susceptibility and geochemistry.