Fieldwork and Experiential Learning

All our programmes offer distinctive opportunities for fieldwork and experiential (work-based) learning activities in the UK and overseas, led by highly experienced staff who teach you how to conduct field activities as safely and cost-effectively as possible.

We consider fieldwork an essential part of your undergraduate training, and through it we encourage you to integrate theory and practice and help you to develop observation, monitoring and analytical skills. The field situation, away from the cosy comforts of the classroom or library, is the perfect place to test team-working and negotiation skills and to develop confidence in problem-solving activities.

Whether you end up studying in a 'Fair Trade' coffee plantation on the side of a volcano in Costa Rica, measuring the rate of retreat of a glacier in Norway or conducting a survey of crime perception within the city of Chester, our overarching aim is to instil in you a fascination for natural and/or human environments - and an understanding of the social, political, economic and natural processes that have made them and shape their future.