Pedagogic Research

The department has a strong interest in pedagogic research both within geography and beyond. 


Our pedagogic research focues upon the use of new technologies in teaching, assessment and feedback (Derek FranceChris RibchesterKatharine Welsh).


Our research on ethics explores the teaching of ethics and how to enhance student understandings of ethics both specifically in geography and more broadly in higher education (Ruth HealeyChris Ribchester).

Research projects

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning

Professor Derek France and Dr Katharine Welsh

In 2010 Derek France was awarded a 3-year National Teaching Fellowship project from the Higher Education Academy to 'Enhance Fieldwork Learning’. This project aims to promote ways to enhance student learning during fieldwork through the use of technology. 


Ethics in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Dr Ruth Healey, Dr Chris Ribchester and Kimberley Ross (University of Liverpool)

This project explores the current levels of ethical understanding and development of students at different stages in their higher education studies; tutor perspectives on the teaching of ethics; and evaluate the effectiveness of one new approach for enhancing ethical awareness and critical thinking which will form a core strand of a second year module.