Gill Miller

Programme Leader, International Development Studies

I am a passionate geographer who aims to deliver relevant, challenging and stimulating courses in international development. I focus on the broader debates in development, including health, education and the effectiveness of aid agencies. I am also interested in the health and welfare of the elderly, especially Ghana.  Pedagogical interests include the student transition into higher education, and how students learn about development issues.


BSc (Liverpool), PGCE (St. Katherine's College, Liverpool), MA (Liverpool)

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, Royal Geographical Society

Development Studies Association

Geographical Association: Post 16/HE Working Group and Chair of Special Interest Group for Wales

Trustee of the Field Studies Council.

Trustee of Five Talents, a Christian microfinance NGO

Trustee of MusicPlace

Consultant and Chief examiner, WJEC, Welsh Joint Examination Committee

Advisory Panel, Global Learning Partnership-Wales.

Advisory Panel, OCR Examinations.


  • GE4005 Introduction to World Development (Module leader)
  • GE5007 Challenges of Development
  • GE6004 Development in Practice (Module Leader)
  • GE6007 Emerging Nations  (Module Leader)


My current research interests include:

Transitions from school to university

Resources, text and regular articles for A-level Geography

The therapeutic landscape of the elderly in Ghana.

Current research focuses on producing examination resources and student materials for A-level Geography and A-level World Development. This includes the second edition of Emerging Superpowers: China and India, and preparation of regular Updates on development issues for Geography Review. I also work on transitions from school into Higher Education, in particular developing skills in information literacy; and on health issues in Ghana and Kenya. 

Published work

In preparation: Miller, G and Wood, H. Women’s access to health care in Western Kenya.

2017     Miller, G.  Emerging Superpowers: China and India. 2nd edition,  Sheffield, Geographical   Association. 

2017    Miller, G.  Global Education Report: So far, so good. Must try harder, Geography Review  29.(tba)

2017     Miller, G.  One nation India: the challenges of forging a national identity, Geography Review  29.(tba)

2016     Whaller, R, Adams, C, Miller, G and Schultz, D. Encouraging students to read beyond the core text, Teaching Geography, 41.3, pp103-106.

2016     Miller, G. Water shortages in Sao Paulo, Geography Review  29.3.

2015     Miller, G. What is microfinance? Geography Review  28.3.

2014     Miller, G. Development and traditional societies: the case of the Jarawa, Geography Review  28.1

2014     Miller, G.  Do big media campaigns work? Geography Review  27.3

2013     Miller, G.  Development and the Media, Geography Review  27.1

2013       Miller, G. The remnants of war, Geography Review, 26.3

2013       Miller, G.  Education for Citizenship: Community engagement between the Global South and the Global North, In Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37.1

2013     Miller, G & Elman, E. Improving the quality of education: Kenya’s next challenge, Geography, 98.1.

2012       Miller, G.  Tata: the giant family firm, Geography Review, 26.1

2012       Miller, G., Bourn. D and Bowes, E.  Learning about development at A level A study of the impact of the world development a level on young people’s understanding of international development, Institute of Education, Development Education Research Report no.7

2012       Miller, G, Brace. S and Walkington H.  GEES Transitions Special Interest Group report, Higher Education Academy

2012       Ribchester, C, Wakefield, K and Miller, G. Examining the impact of pre-Induction online social networking on the student experience, Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 36.3

2011       Miller, G. Delhi and the Commonwealth Games, Geography Review, 25. 2

2011       Miller, G. Health in Ghana, Geography Review, 24. 4

2010     Miller, G and warn, S. Emerging Superpowers: China and India, S. Geographical Association. Sheffield

2007    ‘Atlas for Wales’ OUP. Oxford. Commissioned by Department of Education, Welsh Assembly and Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC)

2007    Changing Wales: the new economy’, a DVD / text of 5 programmes for GCSE, GNVQ and A level Geography.  Commissioned by Department of Education, Welsh Assembly, Tinopolis, Llanelli.

2005       Miller, G and Holmes, D. Welsh Landscapes: skills in practice Key Stage 3  Birchfield Interactive, Cardiff  (Commissioned by Department of Education of the Welsh Assembly)

2005       Multiple Choice questions for AS and A2 Geography, Curriculum Press, London

2004       On-line A level examination resources, Hodder and Stoughton, London

2003          AS Landmark Geography 2nd edition with R. Prosser, V. Bishop and M Raw. Collins Educational

2002     Miller, G and lane, C. Synoptic Exercises for A level Geography, Hodder and Stoughton, London

2000     Miller, G. Fieldwork Ideas in Action Hodder and Stoughton, London

1999     Miller, G. ‘The Global Economic System’ and ‘The Development Process’ in G.Copnall (ed)  People Production and Environment. Hodder and Stoughton, London 

Conference papers:

2016/ 17         Global learning Partnership Wales teacher conferences: Keynote: Safe Havens and new challenges.

2016                  School conferences/GA branches: Bombay Mix: is India one nation?

2016                   GA conference: Why a clinic is not enough:

2014                       Oundle School: Trading with the Dragon: China in Africa,

2013                       GA conference forum: The future of aid: is it time to change how we fund development?

2013                       GA conference forum: Learning from the Four Nations 

2013 - 4                 School conferences / GA branches: Trading with the Dragon: China in Africa,

2012                       West London branch of the Geographical Association, Globalisation of the environment

2011                       Shropshire branch of Geographical Association, Shrewsbury School; Globalisation of Health

2011                       University of Chester Staff Conference: Community engagement between the Global North and the Global South

2011                       Global Health conference, University of Edinburgh, Centre for African Studies: Developing policies for health and welfare of the elderly in Ghana.

2011                       International Medical Geography Symposium, University of Durham: Developing policies for health and welfare of the elderly in Ghana.

2011                       Royal Geographical Society annual conference: Health and Ageing in Ghana

2011                       British Population Studies conference, University of York: Developing policies for health and welfare of the elderly in Ghana.

2010                       Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers: Community engagement between the Global North and the Global South

2010                       Geographical Association conference: Introducing new book series Top Spec Geography

2009                       University of Chester staff conference: Engaging new students before induction using social networking. With C. Ribchester.

2009                       Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers Sixth Form study day: Investigating population change and migration.

2009                       Shropshire branch of Geographical Association, Shrewsbury School; Environmental globalisation:

2008                       Royal Geographical Society /Institute of British Geographers: Exploring student learning experiences when incorporating digital newsfilm into the undergraduate curriculum. With D. France.

2008 – 2012     Developing Areas Research Group of the RGS:  Development Studies at A level

2008                       Geographical Association: the new A level in World Development

2008                       Chester World Development Forum AGM lecture: China in Africa

2007 & 2008   Cirencester College ‘Aim Higher’ conference,

2007                       University of Chester staff conference; A levels and the school – HE transition

2008                       North Staffordshire branch of Geographical Association, University of Staffordshire: Food wars; food security

2008                       University of Chester - Connections career teachers conference International Development Studies

2008                       NEWI Careers conference; Geography at university

2008                       Neston High School; Food wars and Studying Geography at Chester;

2002 – 2012      INSET conferences for teachers in London / Cardiff / Chester on A level  

                                Geography and World Development