Student Experiences

Students at the Department of Geography and International Development are offered a range of learning experiences based in lecture theatres, laboratories, through  fieldwork, experiential learning and in work-based environments.

Department of Geography and International Development: 1st place for 'student satisfaction'."
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Here's what some of our students have said about their learning experience with us:

"I’m thinking of doing a career in planning… the New York fieldtrip has increased my interest in this vastly, I can’t wait to get into that field of work!"

"I liked the fieldtrip to Naples and all the assessments that went with it because they were so different."

[Almeria field trip] – "The work is hard. There’s a lot to take in and genuine enthusiasm is needed but, if done right, it’s the ultimate experience."

"It really bonded us as a group."

"The staff (tutors and lecturers) were very helpful and supportive."

"Assessment was well worked. Had help from the tutors and felt like we knew what we had to do."