UK Residential Fieldtrip

It has been the best work related trip I have ever been on. It was a fantastic experience and something that I look back on fondly. Academically and as a person I feel that during those seven days I really grew."

As a Geography (Single and Combined Honours) or Natural Hazard Managment (NHM) student, you will have the choice to participate in a UK residential fieldtrip enabling you to meet and work with fellow students from different undergraduate degree programmes. The time spent away from Chester provides a valuable opportunity for you to work alongside your fellow students on projects that tackle a range of issues in both physical and human geography, including erosion, slope stability, National Park managment, social change in rural villages, economic development, tourism, sustainability and water pollution.

You will be introduced to a range of methods, techniques and technologies that are commonly deployed in the field to collect and handle information. For example, in addition to traditional survey methods, which are invaluable for understanding the 'first principles' of surveying, you may also capture different types of data using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), iPads and drones.