H&A News

Grosvenor Park Excavations - until 3 June 2016

Stop by Grosvenor Park in the heart of Chester to visit our 2nd year archaeology students digging at the site of a possible 'lost' medieval chapel.  Digging happens Monday - Friday from about 10am - 4pm (weather permitting). The site Open Day on June 1st (weather permitting) will showcase finds from this season and previous years, offer site tours as well as activities for all ages. For more information, check out the CAER website.

24 June 2016

Pilgrimage Shrines and Healing in late medieval and Early Modern Europe

Registration is now open for this one-day symposium exploring continuity and change in material and spiritual pilgrimage across the late medieval and early modern period. The cost of registration to non-speakers is £20.00 payable in advance, by cheque or bank transfer, and includes lunch and refreshments. If you would like to register for the symposium, please email Jennifer Hillman at j.hillman@chester.ac.uk.  The registration deadline is 5pm on Friday 10th June 2016.

This event has been funded collaboratively by the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Chester and Plymouth University, De Montfort University and the Society for Renaissance Studies.

21 April 2017

Putting History in its Place: Historic Landscapes and Environments

The Department will host a Royal Historical Society symposium. Three plenaries will be delivered by Professor Elizabeth Tingle, Professor John Blair and Professor William Whyte. The symposium is organised by Dr Tom Pickles, Dr Katherine Wilson and Dr Jennifer Hillman.