Research - Mathematics Department

Research in the University of Chester's Department of Mathematics is conducted by a growing group of active Mathematicians whose work focuses on Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Analysis, Analysis of PDEs & Stochastic PDEs, Mathematical Biology and Group Algebras & their applications.

We have co-workers from across Europe and beyond, forming an expanding network of collaborators.

The Mathematical Sciences Research Group

The group has strong links both with mathematicians in other centres and with researchers in other departments of the university. We have co-workers from across Europe and beyond, forming an expanding network of collaborators. The Mathematics Research Seminar series, organised by the group, provides a forum for members of the group to share their work and for external speakers to present to staff and postgraduate students from the faculty. A list of recent and upcoming seminars may be found below.

Particular research interests of the group include:

  • Mathematical models of the immune system;
  • Analysis and numerical analysis of functional differential equations;
  • Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (Investigation of Blow-up and Quenching phenomena);
  • Qualitative Analysis of Reaction-Diffusion Systems arising in Mathematical Biology and Ecology (Long-time behaviour and Blow-up phenomena);
  • Analysis of PDEs and Stochastic PDEs;
  • Mathematical Modelling in MEMS technology, Cell dynamics, Ohmic Heating process, Ecology;
  • Group algebras and their applications.



All mathematics technical reports and other open-access publications are available on ChesterRep, the University's online research repository.

Mathematics Research Seminar Programme

Details of the current programme may be found on the Mathematics Research News page. For further details, please contact Dr Fotini Karakatsani:

Members of the Mathematical Sciences Research Group:

Former members of the group:

  • John T Edwards BSc PhD (former head of department)
  • Patricia Lumb BA Msc PhD
  • Eugene Parmuzin PhD
  • Sophy Thomas BSc MSc PhD
  • Eugene Tyrtyshnikov PhD
  • Judy Ford MA PhD

Collaborators at other institutions:

Current Postgraduate Research Students:



My project

Luis Ferras Neville Ford and Luisa Morgado Numerical solution of fractional differential equations
Monzorul Khan Yubin Yan and Neville Ford Numerical methods for (stochastic) space fractional partial differential equations
Neil Osborne Jason Roberts and Neville Ford Volterra Equations: Numerical Analysis & Fractional Operators
Rhian Taylor Joe Gildea Groups, Rings, Group Rings and their Applications
Jane Roberts Jason Roberts and Neville Ford Numerical Analysis of Volterra equations with weakly singular kernels
Andrew Rowntree Jason Roberts and Nikos Kavallaris Functional Differential Equations in Mathematical Ecology & Biology
Ben Roberts Dimitra Antonopoulou & Yubin Yan Analysis and Numerical Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Loukas Zagkos Nikos Kavallaris & Jason Roberts Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems
Adrian Korban Joe Gildea  Group Algebras and their applications in Coding Theory