Dr Nikos Kavallaris

Senior Lecturer

Nikos graduated from University of Athens with a BSc degree in Mathematics in 1994.  He received MSc in Pure Mathematics from University of Athens in 1996 and his PhD from National Technical University of Athens in 2000. He joined the Department of Mathematics of University of Chester in September 2013.




Before joining the University of Chester, Nikos spent 1 year lecturing Engineering Mathematics to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai Campus, UAE where he had a position as an Assistant Professor. Before joining RIT-Dubai, Nikos spent 5 years at Aegean University, Greece, as an Assistant Professor.

In the period 2004 -2005 Nikos held a research position in the University of Wroclaw, in the framework of HYKE (Hyperbolic Kinetic Equations) EU funded research project. Later, from 2005-2006 he received a scholarship for the Greek National Scholarships Foundation of Greece (I.K.Y) for postdoctoral research at the National Technical University of Athens.  Afterwards, in the period 2006-2007 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in a project founded by Centre of Excellence (COE) program of Japanese Government at Osaka University, Japan.

Previously, he has worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the National Technical University of Athens for 3 years (2001-2004) lecturing Mathematics to Mechanical, Civil, Chemical and Electrical Engineering students.

Nikos had a full scholarship during his PhD studies in the National Technical University of Athens from 1997 to 2000. Moreover he achieved several research projects among which was an EU Marie-Curie project.

Nikos has presented part of his research participating in several international conferences.


Nikos has been provisionally assigned MA 4001 (Mathematical & Numerical Methods), MA 4006 (Finite Mathematics), MA 5006 (Probability Theory and Statistical Methods), MA 6004 (Differential Equations & Mathematical Modelling) and MA 7008 (Differential Equations & Their Applications) . 

During his time in RIT-Dubai, Nikos taught Pre-calculus, Calculus I,II, Engineering, Multivariable  Calculus, Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Differential Equations .While at Aegean University, he taught many courses like First and Second Year Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Real Analysis.  During his time as a Visiting Lecturer in National Technical University he taught many courses among which Mathematical Modelling and Asymptotic Analysis, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Theory of Dynamical Systems, Engineering Calculus, Numerical Analysis for PDE’s, Application of MATHEMATICA and MATLAB in the solution of Mathematical and Physical problems.


Nikos is researching in the area of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Reaction Diffusion-Systems . His research focuses on

  1. Mathematical Analysis of Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (Investigation of Blow-up and Quenching phenomena).
  2. Qualitative Analysis of Reaction-Diffusion Systems arising in Mathematical Biology and Ecology.
  3. Mathematical Modelling in MEMS technology, Cell dynamics, and Ohmic Heating process.
  4. Mathematical Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (Regularity of solutions and investigation of singular phenomena like Blow-up).

Research grants

  1. London Mathematical Society, Scheme 4 Grant, March 2014, (Budget: £702- Ref No.  41335).
  2. (2010-2014) EU Marie-Curie International Exchange Staff Exchange Scheme, Project title: “Mathematical studies on critical nonequilibrium phenomena via mean field theories and theories of nonlinear partial differential equations". Aegean University Coordinator. (Budget: €105,840)
  3. (1/1/2011-31/12/2012) PEVE. Funded by National Technical University of Athens. Project: “Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Problems arise in Porous media, Microelectromechanical Systems, Chemotaxis and Marine Ecology”. Held by Professor D.E. Tzanetis.  (Budget: €15,000)
  4. (4/2006-8/2007). Japanese Ministry of Education funded Project entitled “The 21st COE (Center Of Excellence) Program Towards a New Basic Science: Depth and Synthesis”, held by Professor T. Suzuki. (Budget: ¥2,000,000)

Published work

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