Dr Evelyn Jamieson

Programme Leader for MA Dance

Evelyn joined the University of Chester in January 2010. As a dance artist, she has performed with and for some of the UK’s leading choreographers, collaborating with composers, designers and directors. She loves working as part of an exciting, creative and dynamic team. Evelyn has been lecturing in Higher Education for some 23 years and finds that there is never a dull moment!


2007 - Accredited as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

1991 - University of Leeds: MA in Educational Theatre

1984 – London Contemporary Dance School: Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Dance and Choreography

1983 – University of Leeds (collegiate) BA Music, Drama and Dance

1980 – London College of Music: ALCM in Speech and Drama

1979 – British Association of Teachers of Dancing: Fellow

1979 – British Ballet Organization: Prep. Advanced Ballet


Evelyn’s professional dance experience has included working with: David Massingham, Janet Smith, Tamara McLorg, Frank McConnell, Royston Maldoom, the late Pete Purdy, Winifred Jamieson, Lisi Perry and Neil Fisher. She has been a guest artist with Dundee Rep. Dance Company (now Scottish Dance Theatre) and co-director of Antics Dance Company in Fife, Scotland. In the 1990s she was a founder member/dancer of Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance performing in Xeno 1, 2 and 3 and Labrax and also in McGregor’s choreography for the GCSE solo dance set study demonstration video alongside McGregor in 1993.

She has choreographed numerous works for dance companies, projects and festivals including Scottish Youth Dance, Suffolk Dance, Yorkshire Dance Centre, Ludus, Bodywork, amongst others. She has worked as a community dance artist, advisor and dance promoter. Evelyn does not separate her professional dance work from her role as an educator, which she has been able to combine with Higher Education since 1989. Evelyn is also Choreographic Director of Idee Fixe – Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre, working with composer Leigh Landy since 1992. She is currently a board member of Cheshire Dance.


She has been a head of department at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and subject leader at University College Bretton Hall. She has shaped the design, content and teaching of dance and performing arts curricula both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, teaching a wide spectrum of practice from choreography, community dance and performance skills to research methods, dance criticism and professional practice. Evelyn enjoys collaborating with other disciplines; drama, music and design and this crosses over in to her professional artistic work.


Her research has always been focused on aspects of collaborative practice with her first publication in 2000 on Devising Dance and Music- Idee Fixe Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre with her co-author Leigh Landy. Other contributions have included In Transit or Realising One's Aesthetic when the Technology Finally Catches Up MAXIS Symposium 2003 with Leigh Landy and Kia Ng; a paper presentation on Instilling the Entrepreneurial Spirit given at the Dancers World of Work Symposium 2006 leading to contribution to the Mapping Dance publication in 2007 and A Collaborative Notebook 2009- Is the 'we' still important in today's celebrity 'me' culture for a Dance Collaboration symposium hosted by The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance at Dundee College with Northumbria University and Edinburgh Telford College. In 2010 Evelyn was invited to help chair seminar discussions at the Palatine Collaborative Art Practices in HE: Mapping and Developing Pedagogical Models. Currently Evelyn is working on her part-time PhD - Collaborative Practice in Dance.

2010 Platform 1- In Transit – Director of Final Year Dance Piece University of Chester
2008 Arcadia – Movement Director for major Acting production in Sennheiser Theatre, LIPA
2007 Desert Voices – invited to restage this work by LIPA for Christmas show in the Paul McCartney Auditorium
2005 Found – choreographed with LIPA students for their final show
2004 The Tobacco Warehouse – Co-director/producer of large-scale site-specific performance project. Worked in collaboration with the designer Ashley Shairp and over 50 young people.
2003 Transitus – choreographed for 'Breaking Boundaries' performance in Liverpool
2003 In Transit – (Idée Fixe) Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre Choreographic Director
2002 Vinyl Energy – choreographed with Final year dance students for Breaking Boundaries show.
2001 Desert Voices – choreographed for Final year LIPA Dance Showcase
2000 Anna Karenina – LIPA theatre and dance collaboration: co-director/choreographer
1999 Locus Solus - choreographed with the Final year dance specialists at LIPA.
1998 Lottopus – Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre Choreographic Director and performer
1998 Navigator – 45 minute dance theatre work created for LIPA. First performed in the Paul McCartney Auditorium, Liverpool.
1997 Bon Voyage? – Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre. Choreographic Director and performer
1996 (Y)our House – Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre. Full-length work, choreographic director. Preview and premiere in 1996 at the Oxford Music Festival and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festivals.
1996 Fish Design - Choreographic commission from Hull City Council and Dance House East to create a new site-specific work for their Sea Shanty Festival. Performed in September 1996.
1996 Clouds, Wind, Screens – Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre Choreographer/Theatre direction. Premiere, March 1996 at the Wakefield Theatre Royal & Opera House.
1996 Squashed Absence – Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre. Choreographer. Premiere, March 1996 at the Wakefield Theatre Royal & Opera House.
1995 A Day In The Life – Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre. (professional Company), Director and Choreographer of this full length work. First performance, March 1995 at Powerhouse 1 Showcase Theatre, Wakefield.
1995 I.D. – Vinyl Energy - Choreographic commission from Suffolk Dance (a National Dance Agency). Premiere November 1995 at Northgate Arts Centre, Ipswich.
1995 Rock's Music – Newly revised choreography for a special collaboration/midi project with Dawsons Music and Sadlers Wells Theatre. Performed at Sadlers Wells Lilian Baylis Theatre.
1994 Labrax – Random Dance Company, (Professional Co.) Premiere at Spring Loaded, The Place Theatre, London, May 1994. International tour including Budapest, Prague and Mainz (Germany). Note: I was a professional dancer with this company not the choreographer. The choreographer was Wayne McGregor.
1994 Rock's Music – Music composed by Leigh Landy (1988).
Professional Choreographic Project Music and dance collaboration first performed at Wakefield Opera House and the University of York, March 1994.
1993 Numerical State – Professional Choreographic commssion from Redbridge Dance Project, London. First performance – Antwerp, Belgium, August 1993; British Council Exchange.
1993 Quad – Professional Choreographic commission from Eastern Arts Board, Cut Above Dance Company, Cambridgeshire. First performance – Peterborough Arts Centre, September 1993.
1993 Mooncycle – University College Bretton Hall. BA Honours Dance students. First performance – Wakefield Opera House, March 1993.
1993 Xeno 1, 2 & 3 – Random Dance Company ( professional ) Premiere at The Place Theatre, London, January 1993. International Tour. Choreography by Wayne McGregor. Note: I was a professional dancer with the company. This work was selected by the Bancs D'essai selectors to represent Britain in an international tour to Lille (France), Cologne (Germany), Courtrai (Belgium), Prague (Czech. Rep.), Budapest (Hungary).
1992 Guest teacher – Suffolk Dance Project, August 1992.
1992 Desert Voices – University College Bretton Hall. Graduate & undergraduate students. First performance – Wakefield Opera House, March 1992.
1991 Guest Choreographer – Suffolk Dance Project (DanceEast). Two dance works for children, Seascapes and Journey.
1990 The Cloakroom – Dewsbury College, BTEC Performing Arts Course. First performance – Dewsbury, March 1990
1990 African Jigsaw – Director/Choreographer. Professional Choreographic commission from Yorkshire and Humberside Arts and Wakefield Metropolitain District Council. Full length production – 150 young dancers, 80 choristers and live orchestra. First performance – Wakefield, February 1990.
1990 Co-Artistic Director/Choreographer. Bretton Community Dance Company's U.S.S.R. tour, Ukraine, September 1990.
1990 Rainforest – Choreographic commission from Eastern Arts Board and Impington Village College, Cambridge. First performance, Impington Village College, October 1990.
1990 Quero – University College Bretton Hall. BA Honours Dance students. First performance, Barnsley College, March 1990.
1990 Solstice – dance/sculpture collaboration with Yorkshire Sculpture Park. First performance – Yorkshire Sculpture Park/Access Trail, March 1990.
1989 Persistance of Memory – University College Bretton Hall. BA Honours Dance students. First performance – New Theatre, Bretton Hall, March 1989.
1989 Reflections – Choreographic commission Yorkshire and Humberside Arts Board for the Bretton Youth Dance Company. First performance – Denby Dale, March 1989.
1989 In September – Peterborough Youth Dance Company. First performance – Grimsby, January 1989.
1989 Pictures of People – Choreographic commission Eastern Arts Board and Impington Village College. First performance – Mumford Theatre, Cambridge, September 1989.
1989 Navigator – Tula Mond Dance Company, Peterborough. First performance – Bushfield Arts Centre, March 1989.
1988 Ceremony of Carols – Dance/Music collaboration with Wakefield Cathedral performed by Peterborough Dance Project and Wakefield Cathedral Choristers. First performance – Wakefield Cathedral, June1988.
1988 The Little Prince – Director/Co-Choreographer Take Two Dance Company with Frank McConnell. First performance – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, October 1988.
1988 In Concert – Choreographic commission Bodywork Dance Company, Cambridge. First performance – Arts Theatre, Cambridge, April 1988.
1988 Uncertain Figures – Choreographic commission Eastern Arts Board for Cambridge Dance Project and Impington Village College. First performance – Mumford Theatre, Cambridge, September 1988.
1988 Dance Director – Dance Marathon:ITV Telethon with Anglia TV, Peterborough City Council and Peterborough Arts Council. Twelve hour non-stop dance marathon consisting of 5 – 15 minute dance works. Guest artist – Will Gaines (tap dancer).
1988 Co-Choreographer/Performer Take Two Dance Project with David Massingham, Dance for Aftica. First performance – Walton Studio Theatre, Peterborough, December 1988.
1987 Performing Clothes – Dance/Video collaboration in conjunction with Top Shop, Top Man and Chelsea Girl. Filmed and performed at Peterborough Arts Centre, May 1987. Funding from Eastern Arts Board, Peterborough City Council and Peterborough Arts Council.
1987 3 Main Rules with 8 Points of Discipline – Tula Mond Dance Company for Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 1987.
1987 Moonlight and Vodka – Anglia TV's production "Folio". This was a documentary made about my work as Dance Animateur for Peterborough and as a choreographer.
1987 Ave Verum – Choreographic commission Bodywork Dance Company. First performance – Mumford Theatre, Cambridge, November 1987.
1986 My Beautiful Laundrette – Choreographic commission Yorkshire Dance Centre for a new professional dance company called Danceband. First performance – July 1986.
1986 Solo – Twenty music piece choreographed for Tamara McLorg made at the Yorkshire Dance Centre. First performance – August 1986.
1985 Orbis II – Antics Dance Company. First performance – St. Andrews University, February 1985.
1985 Minefield Hallucinations – Choreographic commssion from the Scottish Arts Council for the Area One Dance Company, Fife. First performance – St. Andrews University, September 1985.
1984 Parallelogrammed – Choreographed for the Jacksons Lane Choreographic Canvas, London. Award given to the piece by Richard Alston and Michael Clark. First performance –Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, March 1984.
1984 Pavane – London Contemporary Dance School. First performance – The Place Theatre, June 1984 and subsequently performed by Spectrum Dance Theatre (students from LCDS and Laban Centre).
1983 Orbis – This work was specially made for the National Festival of Youth Dance at St. Andrews, Fife, September 1983.
1983 Awakening – Spectrum Dance Theatre. First performance – Dundee Rep. Theatre, December 1983.
1983 Chain – Work specially made for the Scottish Choreographic Festival, Dunfermline, March 1983. Received an award from the late Peter Darrottish Ballet.