Studying for and gaining a Psychology degree can provide students with a very good range of employable skills which enables them to become very employable psychology graduates.

The latest Key Information Set (Unistats) Survey 2014-2015 has reported that 98% of Psychology students at The University of Chester go on to work and / or study six months after completing their course.

The latest Key Information Set (Unistats) Survey 2014-2015 has reported that 98% of Psychology students at The University of Chester go on to work and / or study six months after completing their course. This is a much higher percentage than some other North West Universities ( The Destination of Leavers in Higher Education survey data for the Higher Education Statistics Agency 2013-2014 has also indicated that 80.8% of our Psychology Undergraduate students have secured a place in employment after Graduation. In addition to our high figures of Graduate employment, Psychology is also regarded as one of the most applied and versatile subjects studied at University.

Psychology students are some of the most employable in the UK as they are able to deliver skills that employers value such as:

  • Research skills: searching for and collecting information from a wide range of sources.
  • Analysis skills: being able to develop qualitative and quantitative analytical skills and using data collection methods using psychological tools.
  • Problem solving and reasoning skills: being able to identify and pose research questions and evaluate outcomes.
  • Time management skills: be able to manage time individually and be able to work effectively in a team.
  • Communication skills: be able to relate to individuals and groups of people effectively.

 (Alison White,The Guardian, November 2010).

The BSc/BA Psychology degree here at Chester is also accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is therefore very applicable to many careers in Psychology if the student wishes to pursue a professional psychology career pathway. More details about possible Psychology career pathways with the GBR accreditation can be found on the BPS website

Nationally, only a small percentage of graduates will go on to study / train towards a professional psychology career. However, the skills of psychology graduates are valued very highly by employers in many other career areas too such as:

  • Social work
  • Policing / legal work
  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Human resources
  • Recruitment consultancy
  • Retail

Please take a look at the Psychology Employability Guide which has been produced by Caprice Lantz from the Higher Education Academy (HEA):

Please also find some further very useful reports from the HEA regarding Psychology Employability here too:

Most common jobs

Source: Destinations of leavers from HE record

These are the most common job types students do six months after finishing the course.



Business and public service associate professionals


Sales occupations


Elementary occupations


Administrative occupations


Childcare and related personal services


Caring personal services


Customer service occupations


Welfare and housing associate professionals


Secretarial and related occupations


Managers, directors and senior officials


Work Based Learning

Students are now provided with the opportunity to study a seven-week experiential module which helps to provide them with the opportunity to develop and apply the necessary skills required by employers. The module itself involves students undertaking a five-week placement in a job that may potentially be related to their future career and focuses upon enhancing students’ reflective skills as well as helping them to develop a lot of transferable employability skills such as teamwork, reflection and negotiation and communication.

Psychology Departmental Careers Conferences

Every academic year the Psychology Department hosts a Psychology Careers Conference where the students are invited to come and listen and ask questions to various Professional speakers from a variety of Psychology – related career areas. This has now become a very popular event and it also offers a lot of opportunities for the students to meet and network with potential employers as well as gaining a greater insight into gaining relevant work experience. 

Please click on the following link to view the University of Chester Psychology Careers Event from 2014

Studying Abroad Opportunities

Students have the option of studying abroad for an additional year, after their second year. We offer placements in Europe via the prestigious Erasmus scheme, while we also offer study placements worldwide via the ISEP programme via our direct partner institutions in the USA and Australia.

Support on securing finance for these placements is available via experts in the University of Chester. Studying abroad not only allows students to widen their horizons through travel, but it also enhances their CV and makes them much more unique and interesting to future employers!

Recent Psychology Case Studies

We always try to ensure that we follow our students as they begin to progress with their careers after University and we have been very fortunate to have some students who have been very successful in their careers after studying on our courses. Please read our case studies which have been kindly provided by three of our recent Graduates. These can accessed from the ‘Downloads’ toolbar on the right side of the page.