Research Degrees

We offer two options for pursuing a research degree in the department of theology and religious studies and more information about each programme can be found by clicking on one of the links below.

By joining one of these programmes, you will become part of a learning community of scholars, including 21 academic staff and 100 postgraduate students working on a variety of aspects of theological and religious study. You can become a part of this community by working alongside leading scholars in the disciplines to develop a piece of scholarly research through which can make your particular contribution to knowledge.

Theology and Religious Studies boasts the largest number of research students in the University. We make the most of our numbers by providing opportunities for students to network with one another, to present their work to each other, and to gather socially. DProf students meet four times a year for residentials while all research students can join in the department’s research training and seminar series . Working on a research degree need not mean working in isolation from other students… unless you want it to be!

Postgraduate Taster Days

If you are interested in this course, then why not pay us a visit? We are holding two Postgraduate Taster Days in 2017, the first date is Tuesday 14th February

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