Dr Alana Vincent

Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies/Academic Advisor to Partnerships

My research arises from the intersection between three key areas: the interdisciplinary study of theology and the arts, a general engagement with religious pluralism and comparative theology, and a specific expertise in modern Judaism.

Telephone 01244 512219
Email a.vincent@chester.ac.uk


BFA (Atlanta College of Art), MA (Prescott College), PhD  (Glasgow)


My teaching and research is marked by a commitment to interdisciplinarity that has grown from my first degree, in studio art. During the course of that degree, I became interested in the way that art functioned to transmit and enforce unspoken assumptions about the order of the world—assumptions that were largely, though not exclusively, rooted in religious thinking. I carried this interest forward into an MA focused on Religious Studies and Literature, and a PhD in Literature, Theology and the Arts, in which I examined various ways that religion both influences and is influenced by cultural production in literature and the visual arts.

Prior to joining the staff at Chester in October 2012, I held posts as the Barbro Osher Research Fellow in Memory of Krister Stendahl at the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem, and as a Rothschild Fellow in Jewish Studies at the University of Glasgow.I currently serve on the editorial board for Rodopi's Value Inquiry Book Series, the steering committee for the Religion, Holocaust and Genocide Group at the American Academy of Religion, as the communications manager for the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture, and as Book Reviews Editor for the journal Jewish Culture and History.


Undergraduate Modules

  • TH4043 Encountering Religions: Judaism and Buddhism
  • TH5054 Judaism and Islam: Philosophy and Hermeneutics
  • TH5056 Field Study of Religion
  • TH6057 Violence and Nationalism in Religious and Philosophical Perspectives


Postgraduate Modules

  • TH7051 Evil in Comparative Theological Perspective
  • TH7056 Field Study of Religion


Research Interests

  • Modern Judaism
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Jewish-Christian dialogue
  • Post-Holocaust theologies
  • Religion and nationalism (especially questions of dual identity)
  • Religion and the Arts
  • Religious themes in fantasy and science-fiction literature


PhD and DProf Supervision

I welcome enquiries for research at doctoral level in any of my research areas listed above or from students wishing to explore other areas within:

  • Contextual, Practical and Public Theologies
  • Religious Studies, Contemporary Spiritualities and Religion and Society

Published work



 Jewish Thought, Utopia and Revolution. Co-edited with Elena Namli and Jayne Svenungsson. Amsterdam: Rodopi.


Making Memory: Jewish and Christian Explorations in Monument, Narrative and Liturgy. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Press.


Culture, Communion and Recovery: Tolkienian Fairy-Story and Inter- Religious Exchange. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.


Memory, Mourning and Landscape. Co-edited with Elizabeth Anderson, Avril Maddrell, and Kate McLoughlin. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Other Select Publications


 “The Work of Creation: Image, Idolatry, and Jewish Discourse in Theology and the Arts”. Literature & Theology. doi: 10.1093/litthe/frv022


Forgetting Capsules: Public Monuments and Religious Ritual’, in Monument and Memory, ed. Mattias Martinson. Berlin: LIT-Verlag.


‘Imitation and Finitude: Towards a Jewish Theology of Making’, in The Ethics of In-Visibility: Imago Dei, Memory, and the Prohibition of Images, ed. Claudia Welz. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.


‘Introduction’ and ‘Topos and Utopia: The Place of Art in the Revolution’, in Jewish Thought, Utopia and Revolution, ed. Elena Namli, Jayne Svenungsson, and Alana M. Vincent. Amsterdam: Rodopi.


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‘Visible Religion: Seeing is Believing?’, with Julie Clague. Culture and Religion 13.1 pp. 65-66.



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