Professor Wayne Morris

Head of Theology and Religious Studies and Associate Dean of Humanities


As a practical theologian, I seek to contribute to shaping new thinking and practice on questions of justice, equality and human rights, and human well-being. I engage these questions with a range of religious and theological perspectives, conscious that religious ideas can lead to extraordinary acts of goodness as well as some of the most horrific acts of history.


Telephone 01244 511066


BA (Hons) (Birmingham), PhD (Birmingham), PGCertHE (Liverpool), FHEA


I joined the University of Chester in September 2003. I was appointed senior lecturer in 2007, Deputy Head of Department in 2010 and Head of Department in August 2014. I very much enjoy combining working with students at all levels of study and sharing in the management of our excellent department.  Prior to coming to Chester I held various teaching roles at Birmingham University and I worked for two charities: Sense for deafblind people, and a small ecumenical charity promoting disability rights. In January 2014, I was appointed editor for the journal, Practical Theology.



  • Global Perspectives on Christianity

  • Contextual and Practical Theology



  • Themes and Methods in Practical and Contextual Theology

  • Religion and Disability

  • Publishable Article (Practical Theology Professional Doctorate)


Research interests:

    • Disability and Equality
    • The Deaf Community and British Sign Language
    • Minority Indigenous Language Groups
    • Non-Literate Communities
    • Inter-Faith Dialogue


PhD (and D Prof) supervision:

I welcome enquiries for research at doctoral level in any of my research areas listed above.


External Funding:

  • 2012 Church Colleges and Universities Fund, knowledge transfer funding to develop work in Religious Literacy and Church Schools’ Studies with public and private sectors - £21,000
  • 2011 Bible Society Funding for Symposium: ‘World Beyond Words’ - £1,000 (Joint Project with Dr Louise Lawrence, University of Exeter)
  • Date Philosophy and Religious Studies Subject Centre funding for a project on developing an undergraduate programme in theology through the medium of British Sign Language - £6,000
  • 1999 University of Birmingham PhD funding for project, Theology without Words - £2,610
  • 1999 St Luke’s College Foundation PhD funding for project, Theology without Words - £4,000

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Published work



Salvation as Praxis: A Practical Theology of Salvation for a Multi-Faith World (London: T&T Clark, 2014).


Hannah Bacon and Wayne Morris with Steve Knowles (eds), Transforming Exclusion: Engaging Faith Perspectives. (London: T&T Clark, 2011).


Theology without Words: Theology in the Deaf Community (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008).


Roy McCloughry and Wayne Morris, Making a World of Difference: Christian Reflections on Disability (London: SPCK, 2002).


Other Select Publications


‘John M Hull’ In Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (Volume 12) (in press).


‘Towards a Liberation Theology of Indigenous Minority Language Groups: A Case Study on the Welsh Language’. Practical Theology, 9.1 (2016)  (in press)


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‘No Salvation without the Church: Interfaith Praxes in the Company of Pope Francis’. Practical Theology 7.4 (2014) pp. 294-304.


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