Mentor Certification Route

PATHWAY  1     Mentor Certification:

There are now two stages to Mentor Certification:  Stage 1 Mentor Training (on-line) BEGINNING which leads after a successful AT placement and tutor and/or professional mentor endorsement to a Stage 2 DEVELOPING Mentor Certificate.

For those mentors who wish to show an even greater understanding of mentoring and are willing/able to put together a portfolio with examples of their working processes during the support of several ATs, then Stage 3 Mentor SKILLED certification is available.   

Mentor Certification

Beginning:  Stage 1

Developing:  Stage 2

Skilled:  Stage 3

Complete on line/in situ training:

Understanding of and use of the Professional Journey File.

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Teachers’ Standards;

Understand and make effective use of  Programme  specifications and procedures, and confirm the principles of partnership through effective liaison with the University of Chester (UoC);

Engage with documentation effectively;

Enter into effective dialogue with ATs;

Assess and set targets with ATs;

Facilitate each AT’s developing practice according to their needs;

Be able to reflect critically on their own and other’s practice for professional development.


Mentors to demonstrate, through their own portfolio evidence, aspects of effective training from several successful AT placements. 


This evidence should also demonstrate:

  •  all of the previous Stages at a heightened level;
  • and in addition show evidence of the mentor working with other mentors (buddy systems etc);
  •  developing/delivering in house professional programmes for groups of ATs/trainees;
  • membership of partnership team – mentor development, behaviour management, SEND, EAL etc;
  • other additional aspects linked to ITE.