Finance and Human Resource Management


All organisations need to accurately plan, monitor and control their finances if they are to be successful. To do this properly, they need employees who have a clear knowledge and understanding of accounting and finance alongside a good general business background.

Academic Programme

Our degrees aim to improve your employability by concentrating on the practical application of accounting and finance theory. The degrees will also develop your skills and knowledge of financial management. Computing skills are embedded throughout the programme, including usage of accounting packages, spreadsheets and financial modelling.

We offer:

Our Single Honours degree can be taken either as a 3-year programmes, or as a 4-year programme with a one year professional placement to further develop and enhance your skills

The content of our Accounting and Finance degrees is designed to offer partial exemptions from the requirements of the professional accounting bodies and will also facilitate entry into the banking.

The Department also specialises in the study of how people operate within organisations. Focus is also placed on the relationship between human resource management and other related business and management issues.

With colleagues in the Department of Business, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, we also offer the following postgraduate courses:

Our MSc programme allows you the opportunity to further develop your chosen area of expertise and indicates your true value to potential employers.