Chester Sites

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Chester Campus

Students have been taught at the Chester Campus since 1839, and historic buildings such as the Old College and Chapel are mixed with modern developments like the Binks and Westminster Buildings. The majority of our faculties are located here and most of our student accommodation is situated on, or nearby, to this campus. Our main library, sports facilities and Students' Union are housed here, along with a number of support departments.

Riverside Campus

Riverside Campus occupies a prestigious waterfront location and houses our Faculty of Education and Childrens' Services, Faculty of Health and Social Care and a number of other support departments. Riverside houses a number of specialist labs, classrooms, lecture spaces and modern library and catering facilities.

Kingsway Buildings

Our recently redeveloped Kingsway Buildings are the home of the Faculty of Arts and Media. Students here enjoy world-class studios, galleries, performance spaces and multimedia IT labs.