First Year Student Experience Survey (FYES)

Looking back on the start of your journey...and a chance to win in the prize draw!

We know the first year at university is an exciting time, and we'd love to find out about how our students have got on with these new opportunities, challenges and experiences.

FYES 2017 Survey is now open!

As an incentive for taking part in the survey you will be entered into a prize draw: win up to £250 in high street vouchers

Purpose of the Survey

The FYES is an internal survey of the first year undergraduate experience. It asks questions about the entire first year journey at the University of Chester (including pre-arrival information, induction, accommodation, support services), but focuses chiefly on academic experiences encountered so far.

The results will hopefully allow us to better understand students’ experience of moving through the first 8 months at the University, so that in turn the University can enhance its provision and delivery for current students in their later years of study, and also for subsequent first year undergraduates.

The survey is designed, administered and analysed by the Information & Enhancement Team in Academic Quality Support Services.

What does the survey ask about?

We're hoping to find out about all the important aspects of students’ time here at the University of Chester. That means we'd like to hear thoughts on everything from the academic experience through to how they spend your time away from the University. The survey should only take around 10 minutes to complete. Here are the areas the survey takes them through:

    • Why you came to the University of Chester
    • Your learning
    • Your academic support
    • Your learning resources
    • Your Support Services
    • The Students' Union
    • How we're helping prepare you for life after university

How Do I Complete the Survey?

When the survey launches on Tuesday 2nd May 2017, eligible students will receive an email to their University of Chester email account from the sender ID of BOS. Each email contains a unique link for that specific student to use to access the survey. The use of this unique link allows certain information to be pre-populated in the survey (saving time and effort course title, department, etc.).

Alternatively, students can access the survey at:

Prize draw!

As a thank you for completing the survey, students will be entered into a free prize draw in which they could win up to £250 in high street vouchers:

    • First Prize: £250 in high street vouchers
    • Second Prize: £100 in high street vouchers
    • Third Prizes: 5 x £10 in high street vouchers