Flash Submissions: Guidelines for Authors

Submissions are welcome for the next issue. Please follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Authors

is one of the world’s leading publishers of quality flash fiction. Only the very best submissions are accepted, so you are strongly encouraged to read an issue before submitting work. Go to the Flash Orders page.

  • Flashes must be no more than 360 words (including the title).
  • Flashes must not have been published previously. 
  • You may submit up to 4 flashes for consideration for the same issue. Attach them to a single email. Do not submit stories that are currently being considered by another magazine; we do not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • Text should be single-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman. Beneath each flash should be the word count and the author's name and contact details (postal and email addresses). In the postal address, please include the country. See How to present your flashes.
  • Each flash should be saved as an individual Word document ('doc', 'docx' or 'rtf'; not 'odt' or 'wps'), attached to a single email and sent to: flash.magazine@chester.ac.uk. In your email, please tell us how you know about Flash.
  • Do not use SkyDrive or HeyPublisher Submissions Service.
  • Contributors get a complimentary copy of the issue featuring their flash/flashes.
  • Click here for a downloadable copy of the submission guidelines.
  • Click here for a downloadable template for flashes.

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines above will not be replied to.

There is not a deadline for submissions. When the next issue is full, we will stop accepting submissions.

Submissions will be deleted without reply when Flash is closed for submissions.

We do not accept or reply to postal submissions.



  • Copyright remains with the author. However, first publication in Flash grants the editors permission to republish flashes, articles, and reviews elsewhere (in, for example, an anthology of the best pieces from Flash). If your flash, article, or review is republished in any other place, acknowledgement should be made to: Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine.


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