Niel Gillard: PhD Research Student

Niel is a Ph.D. student and visiting lecturer at the University of Chester. Niel’s main research area is in the area of discrimination law, his focus centres on the relationship between legislation, culture and women’s progression in law firms.

Niel Gillard

Prior to enrolling onto the programme, Niel graduated from the University of Chester with a Law degree, while successfully combining studying with voluntary work for the Citizens Advice Bureau and playing basketball to professional standard.

During his undergraduate degree Niel developed a real enthusiasm for research, with a particular interest in the general areas of discrimination and employment law and more specifically how the two areas overlap to attempt to ensure equality for women in the workplace.

While volunteering at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau Niel provided guidance to some of the most vulnerable members of society assisting them in overcoming a broad array of issues which led to the development of his passion for promoting equality and diversity developed.

In addition to this Niel has been and continues to be heavily involved in sport at the University, enhancing both the performance and participation in basketball earning him a sports scholarship. In addition to his dedication to the University basketball club, Niel has also played for external clubs who compete in the UK’s national competitions, culminating in playing for Chester’s local professional team.

Niel has recently started a three year funded PhD in September 2014, he is conducting a socio-legal study exploring the impact of legislation and culture on women’s progression in law firms. Initially his research will focus on legislative and cultural impact in the UK, Niel plans to replicate his research in China to allow for a comparative study.