Current Research

Study funded by Diabetes UK


Out of 17 countries, the UK has one of the poorest levels of diabetes control in young people so helping them to learn how to effectively manage their disease is a priority. What is recognisesd, however, is that such learning takes time and gradually develops and that it is shaped by each person's individual needs. In other words, the question to be addressed on a regular basis is
'What does a young person living with diabetes want and need to know?'

This study aims to develop a computerised needs assessment tool to help young people answer this question. It is being developed by young people for young people and our starting point has been what they and their families have told us in a study we completed before this one began. We have called it the 'Adolescent Diabetes Needs Assessment Tool' - ADNAT for short

We hope ADNAT will provide a cost-effective way of identifying the needs of young people and for monitoring progress. We also hope that in time, we can adapt it for other age groups and use what young people tell us to guide development of educational resources and training programmes not just for young people but also for health professionals, parents and teachers.